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  1. micko

    Four Foot Tanks X8 With Racking, Filters, Heaters, Bogwood Etc

    Selling quite a bit of stuff. 4ft tanks (8) all on racking. Made my Clearseal. No marks or scratches. 12 starter units 1 4ft Luminaire with 2x150w halide bulbs. 12, Possibly more, heaters of various makes and watts from 50-300w Two APS 2000LPH externals Various internal filters. Think there's...
  2. micko

    Hairgrass Or Any Other Grasses Wanted.

    Plants: wanted any grasses. Age and condition: ? Quantity for sale: N/A Reason for Sale: N/A Delivery or Collection: Both Sales price: N/A Postage & Packaging: N/A Location: magherafelt. Photograph: N/A On the look out for some grasses as in the topic. May swap some of my crypts if you're...
  3. micko


    I'm really hoping Donegal will do it again for us this season. At the minute we're 1 point behind but hopefully when we kick off again after half time we'll be in front. Its a good tight game, the best type of game IMO. Let's do it!
  4. micko

    Need A New Camera. Idea's?

    Finally decided we need a new camera, the old one is all scratched and a few bumps and bruises and the second oldest lad will need a camera for his art projects at school soon so he can have it. I don't want to be spending over £400. Anything under for a decent camera and I'll be happy. I'm not...
  5. micko

    Growing Plants Emersed.

    I'm breaking down a few tanks in order to make way and money for a salty set up so that means I'll also have some extra space. I wish to try growing emersed, I'm just not sure what plants I can grow in this way. I've heard Amazon swords, HC, various mosses and that's about it. I'm pretty sure...
  6. micko

    Ok, Salty Set Up Is Next On The List. Uuum.....

    After around 7 years of fresh water I'm wanting to dip my toes into a new challenge. I've a Trigon 350 I wish to convert to SW. Having talked with a few and doing some research and taking a look at a book I won on some crazy Facebook salty competition I wasn't even aware I'd entered over a...
  7. micko

    Severum Breeding But The Eggs Won't Last.

    Ok, my female is currently laying and the male doing his job but this has happened a few times now and because I have other fish in the tank, BN's and four young Rotkeil they will eat the eggs. Is there any way of me taking the eggs out and hatching them some other way or shall I just leave...
  8. micko

    Eheim 2212 For Sale.

    Equipment make-model Eheim 2213 Age and condition:8 months Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: not needed Delivery or Collection:both Sales price:£25 Postage & Packaging: Will find out but I believe its around £12. If less I'll refund the difference. Location: Magherafelt, Northern Ireland...
  9. micko

    Hypsophrys Nicaraguensis Fry (Macaw, Nic)

    Livestock- Hypsophrys nicaraguensis fry size- 1-2 inches. Age and condition: few months. Quantity for sale: 60+ Reason for Sale: they bred. Delivery or Collection: both Sales price: sensible offers. Postage & Packaging: need to find out postage costs and waiting on bag buddies and heatpacks...
  10. micko

    Bumblebee Goby.

    Right, have seen these BBG's for quite a while in a LFS. Now I know these are brackish but I don't have a clue about brackist water. What do I need? I know I need a decent Hydrometer but what's good and what isn't? Salts, what's the deal here? General tonic salts I doubt will do the job but...
  11. micko

    I'd Please.

    Was wondering if anyone could help me out on the I'd of this plant. Thanks in advance.
  12. micko

    What Are You Doing For St Patricks Day?

    We'll probably be going to Belfast for the parades and have a fun day. Its the one day in the year when I really want to get steaming but I don't drink. I miss alcohol just one day in a year.
  13. micko

    Golden Severum Yeeeee!

    Well, finally its happened. After all their fighting and bickering they've finally decided to become a pair. This is the male Will take a picture of the female later and upload it. They've never bred before and I'm under no illusion this will be successful as its their first attempt coupled...
  14. micko


    Have this fella a few days, he's still only very young. Anyway, some pictures. He had just shed here Was due a shed in these final two pictures Thanks for looking.
  15. micko

    Thank You One And All For Taking Part In My Experiment.

    I'm doing a counselling degree as some of you may know and was asked to do some course work, a personal case study on something which was my choice. I decided to start to work on addictive personalities. I believe I have one and after having various addictions over my life and now being free...
  16. micko

    Granite In The Aquarium......yay Or Nay?

    I'd always believed granite was suitable for tanks but someone mentioned that granite leeches chemicals into the water colum. Is this true? I've lots of granite, clean, well washed (been part of a stone wall for over 100 years) its the grey and pink granite if that helps. Thanks in advance.
  17. micko

    What Are You Giving Up For Lent?

    I've given up swearing this year, it was going to be to completely stop smoking after reducing from 60 a day to two a day but decided I wasnt. :blush: This is going to be hard!
  18. micko

    Moss Wanted.

    Plants: moss. Java or Christmas Quantity for sale: ? Delivery or Collection:? Sales price:? Postage & Packaging: aye please. Location: Co Derry, Ireland. Photograph: Need a good amount of moss to attach to various different pieces of bogwood. Not any of these "golf/tennis ball sizes" that's...
  19. micko

    Few Big Leafy Planty Thinymajigys!

    Ok, I'm looking a few big leaf, broard plants. Low lighting, no co2, no ferts. As you can tell I'm USELESS with plants, I'll get there one day though. Oh, and I don't want anything that I'd need to attach to wood/rock. Cannot really fit anymore wood in without it looking like the odd ends of a...
  20. micko

    What's The Deal With Paypal.

    Before I didn't have to add money onto my PayPal account, now, for the past few days it seems I have to add money onto my account from my bank in order to use it. This takes 5/7 days apparently. Its been working fine for over two years now, the account was varified a long time ago. I don't...