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  1. SamLovesCorys

    Seems Pretty Cruel...   Surely because Bettas are tropical you need a heater? And such a small tank too... Cool but cruel is my verdict, what do you guys think?
  2. SamLovesCorys

    Aquascape Centrepiece

    Hi   I recently removed some rock, which served as the centrepiece for my aquarium, as it was covered in algae and looked a little weird. I wanted some advice on what you'd have as the centrepiece... I'm considering maybe bogwood?   Thanks!  
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    5 Black Neon Tetras And 2 Threeline Cories

    Up for exchange- 5 Black Neon Tetras and/or 2 Threeline Cories Will swap for Emperor Tetras. Post offers please! Sam Age and condition: Black Neons- fairly large, in good condition; Threelines- quite small, good condition Reason for Sale: Prefer Emperor Tetras! Delivery or Collection...
  4. SamLovesCorys

    Fluval Filter Help.

    I have a Fluval 2 Plus Internal filter, which I bought off eBay recently. It has arrived, and I am struggling to install it. The detachable sucker section won't stick to the wall properly, and the filter keeps on sliding off it and floating to the surface. I don't know if i'm putting the filter...
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    Rummynoses, Black Neon Tetras, Three-Line Cories

    3 Rummynoses, 6 Black neon Tetras and/or 2 Three-Line cories Age and condition: All mature, healthy fish Quantity for sale: See above Reason for Sale: Three-lines: Want to boost the numbers of my other Cories, and only have two three-lines so not really an adequate group. Rummynoses- Had 4...
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    Amano/yamato Shrimp With Laetacara Dorsigera?

    Could this work? I want something to help control the short strands of (I think) thread algae I have growing on some of my vallis, and have always wanted amano shrimp, so they seem the obvious choice. The only potential problems are my Smiling Acaras. (Laetacara Dorsigera) Will they be an...
  7. SamLovesCorys

    Male Guppy Tail Issue...

    My male guppy, which was purchased 2 days ago, is now pretty much missing his whole tail fin :sad: ... At first I thought he was attacked overnight, but there are still these silver lines left behind, and I don't see how fish could have nipped it and left them. Another reason i'm not sure it's...
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    Should I Change My Stocking?

    I'm thinking of removing my rummynoses from my 18 gallon tank, as I bought them for how active they were, and I don't see that kind of activity in my tank- I worry that it's too small for them with all the plants. They do move around a lot, but they don't have room for their classic up-and-down...
  9. SamLovesCorys

    Guppy Just Got Decimated

    I was looking at my fish tank, and the male Guppy was fine. When I came back he was lying on the bottom with his fins in tatters, breathing heavily. He is now dead. =( Who do you think is the culprit out of the fish in my sig? Thanks, Sam
  10. SamLovesCorys

    Stocking Question...

    I have an 18 gallon rectangular planted tank with 2 Laetacara dorsigera; 6 Black neon Tetras; 5 Rummynose Tetras; 2 Guppies; 4 Sterbai Cories; 2 Three-line Cories and 1 Assassin Snail. It is well filtered, and I do weekly water changes. I want to boost the numbers of rummynoses a bit, Could I...
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    Ill Gourami?

    I have a Gourami which has been fairly inactive for some time, and I woke up this morning to find it lying on its side on the bottom. It has since moved, but not much, always returning to the bottom quickly. It has a swollen, tube-like lump running horizontal along it's rear. Is it ill? What's...
  12. SamLovesCorys

    Gourami Ill?

    I have a Gourami which has been fairly inactive for some time, and I woke up this morning to find it lying on its side on the bottom. It has since moved, but not much, always returning to the bottom quickly. It has a swollen, tube-like lump running horizontal along it's rear. Is it ill? What's...
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    Laetacara Curviceps- The Ultimate Dwarf Cichlid!

    I got myself a pair yesterday, and they are awesome, so intelligent and attractive, and they look like they're smiling- hence the common name, Smiling Acara. I've had no agression issues whatsoever so far. 8cm Max size... Perfect in every way! If anyone's considering getting a Dwarf Cichlid...
  14. SamLovesCorys

    Do Rummynose Tetras Naturally Open And Close Their Mouths Rapidly?

    I have tested my water with a reliable liquid kit, and added my air pump again, but the Rummynoses are still moving their mouths rapidly. Is this just natural behaviour? My Black Neons are doing it a little as well. Thanks, Sam
  15. SamLovesCorys

    Opening And Closing Mouths Rapidly?

    Some of my fish (Predominantly Rummynose Tetras and Black Neons) are breathing rapidly, opening and closing their mouths and gills. Ammonia etc are all fine and I did a water change today, so I wondered if it was oxygen levels or just natural behaviour. Do I need to add my air pump? Thanks, Sam
  16. SamLovesCorys

    Is My Guppy Going To Give Birth?

    Until a couple of days ago, my Guppy was very fat. I came down one morning and it was considerably smaller in belly. I assumed it had given birth and, as I couldn't find any fry, had its offspring eaten in the night. I came down this morning and the Guppy was in one corner, hanging still, not...
  17. SamLovesCorys

    Shell Dwellers

    Having followed Salam's 'tell me about shell dwellers' thread for some time, I am pretty interested in them. I have very hard, pH 8 water, and the tank used would be 10-20 Gallons. I like the look of: Neolamprologus signatus Neolamprologus caudopunctatus Neolamprologus multifasciatus...
  18. SamLovesCorys

    Cleaning Debris From Substrate Without Syphoning Water?

    Is this possible? I never have enough time to get all the poo before the water gets down to the right level. Is there a way of getting it out without doing a water change?
  19. SamLovesCorys

    Dropsy? Help!

    I left home last week and only just got back. My mum said the water got really cloudy, so she cleaned the filter. (In cold tapwater, but our water has no chlorine in it). My female Thicklip Gourami has scales poking out like pinecones and is swollen up. I think she has dropsy. What should I do...
  20. SamLovesCorys

    Which T8 Light Tubes?

    I've read a lot that it's good to replace light tubes yearly, and mine have been used for at least 5 years without replacement (Inherited tank). I'm pretty sure I need 15w T8s, and they need to be 18" long. At the minute it has Arcadia Marine White FMW15s in it! Which (Reasonably priced)...