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  1. Byron

    Two new gourami species described

    Info and photos (incredibly beautiful fish) at the link, which also contains a link to the scientific paper for those interested. Both species are endangered in the wild.
  2. Byron

    Effect of group size on behaviour and welfare of fish

    The number of fish needed for species "x" to be healthy and less stressed in an aquarium is a topic that enters quite a number of threads on TFF. Some of us realize how vitally important the number of fish for a particular species really is, but having scientifically-controlled studies that...
  3. Byron

    Black Phantom Tetra is red not black in the wild

    Practical Fishkeeping contains an article on the Black Phantom Tetra, Hyphessobrycon megalopterus (Eigenmann, 1915), in the latest edition. I'll put the link to the article below; the video is worth viewing. The author, Tai Strietman, writes that this species in the wild is red, not black, and...
  4. Byron

    Understanding Water Hardness (from PFK)

    In the current Practical Fishkeeping there is a general but quite good explanation of why water hardness is so important to fish; here's the link.
  5. Byron

    "Nuisance" snails, the facts

    The topic of "hitch-hiker" snails and how to control/eliminate them arises frequently on TFF. In one such thread yesterday, I was questioned with respect to my views on the matter, so I thought it was advisable to confer with my friend Neale Monks. I now have a much more accurate understanding...
  6. Byron

    Penguin comforting love

    Not sure if I can post this properly...but this morning one of my cousins drew my attention to this trio of photographs and the photographer's description, and I had to share it. We have so much to learn about the absolute wonder of life aside from our own, yet all that much of humanity seems...
  7. Byron

    New Tetra species, Moenkhausia cambacica described

    The discovery and describing of a new species of tetra is not anything particularly remarkable these days, as new species are being regularly discovered though it takes months for most to be described due to the numbers and "too few" ichthyologists. I'm posting this paper though because of (1)...
  8. Byron

    Importance of GH over pH in Freshwater Fish Aquaria

    In another thread, I was asked by @Uberhoust if I had scientific data to support my frequent advice that GH was the more important parameter when compared to pH [temperature is another critical parameter but outside this particular discussion], and rather than hijack that thread, perhaps start a...
  9. Byron

    Preparing Wood for an Aquarium

    This topic arises frequently, and today in another thread, a new member, @Foxywoxy , posted a link to an excellent article that covers just about everything concerning the use of bogwood/driftwood in a freshwater aquarium. This is well worth reading...
  10. Byron

    Dried Leaves

    We have had the subject of adding dried leaves to a freshwater aquarium come up periodically, and I just came across a thorough article from PFK on the topic which may be of interest to those wanting a bacterial agent, premier initial food for all fry, or just to decorate the tank naturally...
  11. Byron

    Regular Partial Water Changes

    Byron Hosking November, 2010 (rev April 2021) Nothing is more important when it comes to aquarium maintenance than regular partial water changes. The adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” certainly applies here. One frequently reads of products that will reduce the need for...
  12. Byron

    My thanks (Byron)

    My sincere appreciation to all my online friends and associates on TFF for the incredibly kind words, and most importantly for the good wishes and thoughts and prayers, posted in the "update" threads that AbbeysDad initiated over the past few weeks. Your words have meant more than most of you...
  13. Byron

    Canadian Members, petition for fish medication sales

    Apparently the Canadian government is/has followed the UK lead in illegalizing certain fish medications. A petition to reverse this has been started on and can be signed here [I don't think this is restricted to Canadian residents so anyone can sign]:
  14. Byron

    The Three Rummynose Tetras are reclassified

    We had a thread a few weeks back in which we were discussing the differences in the three "rummynose" tetras. A new study published electronically on June 26, 2020 in the journal Neotropical Ichthyology proposes the taxonomic revision of the three "rummynose" tetra species Hemigrammus...
  15. Byron

    "What A Wonderful World" with Sir David Attenborough

    Today's world can seem bleak and pointless given the unprecedented (to the present living generations) horrors and mindless "leadership," so a ray of sunlight and hope may help, if even for two brief minutes. But it can enlighten and comfort, something we desperately need at this time. From...
  16. Byron

    Remembering Bob Fenner

    I only knew Bob online for the past few years, but this hobby really has lost a very special individual.
  17. Byron

    Conservation of Freshwater Fish Species facing extinction

    An interesting article, pointing out some very real threats that freshwater fish are facing. While "basement fish tanks" is not the end answer, channeling resources and efforts into projects like this would be far more beneficial than making fish that "glo" or blow up like a balloon...
  18. Byron

    Heiko Bleher's favourite coffee shop in China

    Earlier this week in another thread on biotope aquaria, Heiko Bleher was mentioned. I doubt he will mind my posting a couple photos of his favourite coffee shop in China; Heiko is in the white hat in the first photo. In China I will see my friends including Allen and Mr. Fish who has this...
  19. Byron

    Email notifications

    I have my preferences set to receive emails of new posts to threads I am following, but there have been no emails on any topics for a few weeks now. I think it changed around the time this new advertising stuff appeared. Prior to that, i usually (but not always) received emails of alerts. Is...