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  1. ~heidi~

    Is This Normal?

    I just noticed my approximately 7 week old blue platy looks "crooked". Is this normal? It's not acting strange. I am just wondering if this is something I need to be concerned about. Thank you for any help.    
  2. ~heidi~

    Yo-Yo Loaches

    My loaches came out to play and I snagged a couple of cute pics of them.   Thanx so much for looking.
  3. ~heidi~

    Platy Babies

    Hi everyone,  Thought I would post a pic of my babies at 3 weeks. Thank you for looking.    
  4. ~heidi~

    To Salt Or Not To Salt?

    Hi everyone,  I have been thinking about adding salt to my tropical tank and have a few questions about it. I have read that it can be beneficial for the fish and decrease the chance of my fish getting parasites but I have a bristlenose pleco and 2 yo yo loaches. Will they be OK if I add salt to...
  5. ~heidi~

    Platy Fry 2 Weeks

    Babies turned 2 weeks old yesterday. Thank you for looking.  
  6. ~heidi~

    2.5 Gallon Tank Bio Sponge Question

    Hi,  I just got a 2.5 gallon tank and I noticed that the filter doesn't have a bio sponge just a carbon filter. Will I have trouble cycling this tank if it doesn't have the sponge? If so, is it possible to buy a sponge, separate, for the tank? I searched online but can't seem to find where I can...
  7. ~heidi~

    Fry Pic And An Identification Question

    Hi everyone,   My Platy fry turned 1 week yesterday!  Here is a pic I took of them last night. I was also wondering if anyone can identify the fish in the second pic. A week or so ago I moved a couple of guppy fry out of my big tank and put them into the fry tank with the Platy babies.  This...
  8. ~heidi~

    Platy Fry

    My Platy mama had her babies today.  Thought I would share this cute pic for anyone who wo uld like to see... Thank you for looking.
  9. ~heidi~

    Pregnant Platy Ready To Give Birth?

     Hi everyone,    I am wondering, does she look like she is about to drop fry? I think I am seeing the white spot near her anal fin and I have noticed she seems a bit less sociable than usual. I separated her today and I am covering he tank with a towel. Thanx so much for looking and any help...
  10. ~heidi~

    Should This Be Treated?

    Hi everyone,   Yesterday I was looking at my fish and noticed on of my guppies had this yellow "lump" on its back. He seems fine otherwise and I haven't noticed anything strange on any of the other fish.   I was looking up common guppy diseases but am not sure what this is and what to use to...
  11. ~heidi~

    Sick Guppy?

    I was looking at my fish today and noticed that my favorite guppy has grown this yellowy "lump" on its back. It was not there yesterday and he is eating fine. I have separated him from the rest of the tank and am wondering how to treat this.  Thank you very much for any help. I am very worried...
  12. ~heidi~

    My New Blue Platy's

    Made my first buy from Aquabid. My new babies arrived Wednesday and they are beautiful! They were very scared for a while but seem much better today.   Thank you for looking.   Have a nice weekend all!
  13. ~heidi~

    A ? About Adding Fish That Were Shipped To The Tank

    Hi,   I bought my first fish from Aquabid. I am very excited. I have been looking for a Blue Platy for a long time now and for some reason just can't seem to find them around here. Even tried to get my LFS to order some for me and he just didn't want to deal with it. So I found 3 beauties on...
  14. ~heidi~

    Bully Guppy?

    Hi everyone,   I recently got a new male guppy and he is turing out to be a bit of a bully.  I have a 55 gallon tank with 2 male guppies, 4 females, 4 platies, a bristlenose pleco, 12 neon tetras and 2 yo-yo loaches. All was well in my tank until I got this new male guppy. He is constantly...
  15. ~heidi~

    Bristle Nose Pleco And Yo-Yo Loaches

    Hi everyone, I have 2 yo-yo loaches that I have had in my tank for about 3 years. They used to be very active and I would see them "dancing" around the tank all the time. A few months ago I put a bristlenose pleco in there and from that time on it seems I only seem to see my loaches when I put...
  16. ~heidi~

    Pretty Male

    I bought a female guppy a few months ago and shortly after I got her in my tank she had babies. This is one of her babies. I just thought he was so pretty. Does anyone have a guess as to what kind of guppy the father may have been? I just love his pretty coloring on his sides... Thanks so much...
  17. ~heidi~

    Disappearing Goldfish

    Hello all, I have a fully cycled 55 gallon, planted, goldfish tank with 2 goldfish (a common and a shubunkin) and 2 apple snails. I have had the fish since Feb. of this year. Yesterday I woke up and one of my goldfish was gone! I have looked everywhere in the tank and he is just gone. No...