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    50G Planted Tank

    Just sharing some pics of my 50G.
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    36 gallon stocking. Too much or just right?

    I think i got it down on what to stock my 36 bow. Twice a week 10 gallon wc, Tidal 55 hob and double sponge filter. Planted tank. Currently have: 8 neon tetras 7 harlequin rasboras 5 panda cories I will like to add to complete my stock: 2 honey gouramis 8 rummynose tetras 5 otos (maybe) I had...
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    Rams question

    Im thinking of adding a pair of blue rams in my 36G. PH 7.4, Amm and nitrite at 0, nitrate 10 to 20ppm and gh 6. I do twice a week 30% wc (10 gallons) and test 3X a week. Currently there are harlequin rasboras, neon tetras and panda cories. All fishes are well and eats well. Im carefull of not...
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    Plant light went out

    My plant lighting just went out. Still under warranty but it will probably be a few days before i get a new one. I still have the original LED light that came with the tank but its not very bright. Will my plants be alright under low lights for about a week? Thanks!
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    Thinking of a Betta Sorority Tank

    Hello all! Im thinking on making making my 3 week old 36G bf planted tank into a betta sority tank. I found a place online that sells female bettas that has been raised since birth in the same tank. Maybe 6 to 8 female bettas? For tank mates, im thinking 6 Harlequin Rasboras 8 to 10 Neon Tetras...
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    Hello from Las Vegas

    Hello guys and gals. Ive lurked over gere for the past week and decided to join. Looks like a wonderful community! Anyways, about 4 weeks ago, We were at Petsmart getting some food for my wifes betta when i saw a 36bf on sale for 125 tank and stand. I decided to but it since it is a goid fit for...