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  1. ~heidi~

    Guppy Fry Are Dying! :'(

    I am so very sorry to hear about your babies. I am NO expert but can you get baby brine shrimp? my babies never eat crushed flakes very well either but they love the brine shrimp. If you can't find at your pet store, amazon sells them. Good luck. I know you will get some excellent advice from...
  2. ~heidi~

    Is This Normal?

    I just noticed my approximately 7 week old blue platy looks "crooked". Is this normal? It's not acting strange. I am just wondering if this is something I need to be concerned about. Thank you for any help.    
  3. ~heidi~

    I Have Guppy Fry!

    Whoo hooo!  Congrats! Would love to see pics..
  4. ~heidi~

    Yo-Yo Loaches

    LOL. Thanx so much.  I love when they peek a boo. LOL!!! Love it! That's too funny! I agree, I just love watching them play. They are so silly!
  5. ~heidi~

    Tell Me About Kuhli Loaches

    Congrats on your adorable new loaches. My son has those kinds of loaches I thought they were called banded kuhli loaches.. They are fun to watch. At night they do this lil dance where they swim up and down the glass. They are so cute!
  6. ~heidi~

    Yo-Yo Loaches

    My loaches came out to play and I snagged a couple of cute pics of them.   Thanx so much for looking.
  7. ~heidi~

    Platy Babies

    Hi everyone,  Thought I would post a pic of my babies at 3 weeks. Thank you for looking.    
  8. ~heidi~

    To Salt Or Not To Salt?

    OK, thank you much for the replies. What about for my quarantine tank for new fish? Do you think it would be a good idea to keep that salted?    Thanx again for any help.
  9. ~heidi~

    To Salt Or Not To Salt?

    Hi everyone,  I have been thinking about adding salt to my tropical tank and have a few questions about it. I have read that it can be beneficial for the fish and decrease the chance of my fish getting parasites but I have a bristlenose pleco and 2 yo yo loaches. Will they be OK if I add salt to...
  10. ~heidi~

    My 1 Remaining Platy

    So very pretty!
  11. ~heidi~

    Platy Fry 2 Weeks

    Love the names Muffin and Cupcake! So cute!! My lil blue one was a surprise. I took a couple of what I thought were baby guppies out of my big tank and put them into my fry tank and was so excited to see that one of them was actually a blue platy! :-
  12. ~heidi~

    Platy Fry 2 Weeks

    Babies turned 2 weeks old yesterday. Thank you for looking.  
  13. ~heidi~

    2.5 Gallon Tank Bio Sponge Question

    Thank you very much for your replies. Gonna go check them out now.
  14. ~heidi~

    Platy Fry

    Thank you!! I have that problem in my big tank too. In my fry tank they all come out at feeding time so I am usually able to get a few pics.   The fish in your sig is beautiful!
  15. ~heidi~

    2.5 Gallon Tank Bio Sponge Question

    Hi,  I just got a 2.5 gallon tank and I noticed that the filter doesn't have a bio sponge just a carbon filter. Will I have trouble cycling this tank if it doesn't have the sponge? If so, is it possible to buy a sponge, separate, for the tank? I searched online but can't seem to find where I can...
  16. ~heidi~

    Platy Fry

    Hi, Thanx for the congrats! I think there are about 20 babies in there.  I moved  the babies to my fry tank. I have a few guppy fry in there with my platies. Platy babies turned 2 weeks old yesterday!  :-)  I am going to post a new pic later today. I am just loving watching them!
  17. ~heidi~

    Fry Pic And An Identification Question

    Thank you very much.
  18. ~heidi~

    Fry Pic And An Identification Question

    Hi everyone,   My Platy fry turned 1 week yesterday!  Here is a pic I took of them last night. I was also wondering if anyone can identify the fish in the second pic. A week or so ago I moved a couple of guppy fry out of my big tank and put them into the fry tank with the Platy babies.  This...
  19. ~heidi~

    My New Blue Platy's

    Thanx so much!  I am very curious as to why are they so hard to find? Are they more difficult to breed than the other Platy colors?  Or just less demand for them?