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  1. Herpin Man

    Small sponge filters

    I’m looking for some small sponge filters that will function well in 3” or less of water. Any suggestions?
  2. Herpin Man

    Lemon tetras and mollies

    How do you think lemon tetras and mollies would do together? Any specific issues that I should be watching for?
  3. Herpin Man

    Gouramis with swordtails

    I’m considering putting Swordtails in a tank with an opaline gourami. Thoughts? Anything I should consider first?
  4. Herpin Man

    Best plants for cold water tank

    What are the best plants for a low light, cold water tank? So far, I've only gotten duck weed to do well....
  5. Herpin Man

    Grass shrimp

    Last summer, I caught a few native grass shrimp, sometimes called glass shrimp. They're in kind of an ugly tank, but I've managed to keep them alive on cory wafers. Does anybody else keep these? I'd appreciate tips on feeding, housing, breeding, etc.
  6. Herpin Man

    Looking for heater recommendations

    I'm looking for recommendations for aquarium heaters with precise temperature control. These are not for aquariums; these are for reptile egg incubators that I will be making. They won't need to heat a large volume of water, but will need to easily heat into the upper 80's. I am looking for...
  7. Herpin Man

    I can't seem to keep Corys alive

    I have a 35 hex tank that has been set up for about a year. It's planted, I have both undergravel filtration and a hang off the back. I have gouramis, black tetras, and lemon tetras. Zero ammonia or nitrites, regular water changes, and temps in the mid 70's. All of the fish are doing great...
  8. Herpin Man

    Aquaclear powerhead not working right

    I have an Aquaclear 30 powerhead that is moving very little water. I cleaned it, the impeller spins, but I get very low volume. Do I need to order a new one, or am I overlooking something simple?
  9. Herpin Man

    Looking for filter recommendations

    I have a challenging situation, and am looking for filter recommendations. I keep snapping turtles, and have not been able to find an adequate filtration system for them. The first problem is that snapping turtles are extremely messy- large waste particles (furballs), uneaten food, and peeling...
  10. Herpin Man

    Do you think that gouramis would be aggressive with aquatic frogs?

    I am looking for something that would live peacefully with my aquatic frogs. The species I will be working with will max out at about 2". I want fish that are too large for the frogs to consume, but that won't pick on the frogs either. I wonder if gouramis would be a good choice, and if so...
  11. Herpin Man

    Looking for fish suggestions

    I am in the process of building a large paludarium. The water area will be about 4' by 8' by 2' deep. I plan on having some Nigerian clawed frogs. This species reaches about 2" as adults. I need to figure out what type of fish I can safely keep with the frogs. I am thinking either something...