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    How has fedex been lately?

    I just got some oebt shrimp that got delayed and they all died with usps. The seller wants to send with fedex instead. How has fedex been lately?
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    Shipping snails in ziplock bag

    Does anyone ship snails in ziplock bags? How do you do it? Do you leave air? Do y’all have pics of how you do it?
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    Help with some different corries

    My lfs has some orange laser cories and they are $20 a piece!!! I have a 75 gallon discus tank and am wanting some cories. Are these guys a good option? Also, are they hard to spawn? Also, they have rabauti cories and Schwartzi cories. How are these two? They are only $7 so not much of an...
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    Senegal Bichir with peacocks, haps, and mbuna?

    I have a 75 gallon with peacocks, haps, and some peaceful Mbuna like yellow labs. I also have some clown loaches but they are about 3 inches and no one bothers them. I’ve always wanted a bichir and was thinking maybe I could get one for this tank? No one bothers the clown loaches so I’m thinking...
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    Alien betta?

    I can’t find a lot of info on these guys. I saw a blue alien betta at my lfs and have a few questions. Is it aggressive like splendens? Can they go with shrimp? How do they do with tank mates/what are good tank mates? What are your experiences with these beautiful guys?
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    Can you overdose seachem safe?

    I just got 2 bottles of seachem safe and they each treat 60,000 gallons. I’m going to get some measuring spoons that measure 1/64 teaspoons. This is still enough to treat 18 gallons. If I used 1/64 teaspoon to treat a 5 gallon tank, would it have an affect on the fish or plants? I know you can...
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    Should I keep the babies in the breeder net or let them loose in the tank?

    I have 1 clutch of 2 week old magenta mystery snails and 2 more clutches of less than a week old magenta snails. They are both currently in separate breeder nets in a bare bottom 10 gallon. Should I let the 2 week old babies loose or keep them in a breeder net for a few more weeks? My reasoning...
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    Will a high temperature hurt my other fish?

    I just got a pair of German blue rams for my 20 long. I have neon and emperor tetras, honey gourami, and a sparkling gourami. I will have to set the tank at 80-82. Will the higher temp affect my other fish too much?
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    Hard or soft water?

    Just got a test. Can you tell me if my water is soft or hard?
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    Is there a risk putting guppies in my community tank?

    I have a 20 long with tetras, female betta, and a honey and sparkling gourami. Everything gets along nicely. My lfs has some platinum mosaic big ear guppies and I really love them. It’s very heavily planted so the babies could probably survive. Any risk with adding a pair of guppies?
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    What is the best food for my flowerhorn?

    I just got a Thai silk flowerhorn and he is 3.5 inches atm. I really want his head to grow and was wondering if there is any food that I can feed him that will help the growth. I’m currently feeding him hikari sinking pellets and omega one cichlid pellets. Does any use ocean free humpy head or...
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    Should I get 5 babies or one teenager?

    I want to get a flowerhorn. I would get a 65 gallon tank and I have 2 options. At one lfs they have 4 inch Thai silk flowerhorns and they already have the beautiful kok but it is $95. At my other lfs they have a bunch of 2 inch baby Thai silks and they are $15. Should I get the one $95 one or...
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    Anyone kept oebt shrimp in Neocaridina parameters?

    I have Neocaridina parameters and would like to get some orange eyed blue tiger shrimp. Has anyone had any experience keeping them in a higher ph or neo parameters?
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    Has anyone ordered from billyboiaquatics?

    I want to order some shrimp and I’m looking at a few places. I like billyboiaquatics and I’m interested in blue dream, jade, and red rili shrimp. Anyone ordered these from him or just ordered from him in general?
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    Should I get painted fire red shrimp or blue velvet/dream shrimp?

    I’m torn!! I saw both at my lfs and they are beautiful. The one thing tho is that I have black substrate and a black background so it would maybe be hard to see the blue shrimp. The blue ones are also more expensive. Anyone have experience with both? Are they any different other than colors...
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    How many rams horn snails to breed?

    I’m going to order some painted fire red shrimp from aquatic arts and I also want to buy some rams horn snails. They have pink and blue ones. The least I can get for the blue is 3. How many pink should I get? Is 2 enough? I will be putting both in shrimp tanks. Do I have to separate or will they...
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    Anyone ordered painted fire red shrimp or shrimp in general from aquatic arts?

    I have a 15 gallon tank and it is cycled and ready for shrimp. I used seeded media so it’s been cycled for about a week or so. I want to get some painted fire red shrimp. I was going to order from eBay but I did a little more research and it’s the same price from aquatic arts. Anyone ordered...
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    Angelfish disease?

    So about 3 weeks ago I got a blue zebra angel and he was tiny. Was doing fine for a few days and randomly he was dead one day. I had 2 other juvenile angels but one was double his size and the other was about 3x as big. None of them were picking on him. I have dwarf neon rainbows, rummy nose...
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    Help! How do I get the shrimplets into the tank?

    So I got a berried orange Sakura shrimp and a male at my lfs. I didn’t have a tank for them so I put them in a breeder box. Well turns out the female had the babies bc I drip acclimated them to their own tank last night and today I looked in the bucket with the water from the drip acclamation...
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    Interested in breeding gardneri killifish. Have some questions

    I saw some gardneri killis at my lfs and I saw a pair that were dancing around each other. I’m very interested in these fish. I have some options. Can they go in my 20 long with neon and ember tetras? If that doesn’t work I have a 10 gallon. Are pairs ok? Can the eggs hatch naturally?