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    Boesemani rainbow fish twitching and shaking? What does it mean

    I got 4 boesemani rainbow fish for my 55 gallon tank a week ago and now 2 of them have started shaking uncontrollably. Video showing his mov it started when they where swimming under one of my cherry barbs and they would start looking up at it and shaking.
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    Rope fish white dots everywhere? (pls help)

    Well, I feed the other fish in the tank, freeze-dried brine shrimp from Hikari, Micro pellets from Hikari, Frozen brine shrimp, cucumbers, and if all else fails they can snack on the live ghost shrimp (which none have yet). Another pointer is the rope fish has yet to eat at all, or at least I've...
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    Rope fish white dots everywhere? (pls help)

    I recently got a 8” rope fish for my 55 gallon tank, 2 days ago he started getting little white bubbles all over his body, I initially thought they were bubbles because he likes to swim through the bubble pad stone. But considering they did not go away; rather increase in amount, I have my...