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  1. Auratus

    Lighting suggestions (Beamswork?)

    Old timer here, joined about 15 years ago, haven't posted in about 6 years!!! Time flies :p I recently upgraded my 5ft 100 gallon to a 6ft 125 and I need new lighting. I'm wanting to switch to LED from T5 and I've read mixed reviews on Beamswork lights. I see a new 2016 release called the...
  2. Auratus

    Cichlids Gasping Some Dead

    It has been hot the last few days aquarium says it's 82f fish were gasping last night only a few did a water change about 30% replaced with cooler water they stopped this morning room temps are normal all the fish are gasping 2 are dead, one which I have had for 7 years. 110 gallon tank w/...
  3. Auratus

    Id Please

    Horrible picture I know. I cannot remember the name I said it the whole way home but no.... it's gone. Something deep. M..... "deep" $12.99 Anywho please help :) he's starting to get a black dorsal and the rest of his body is solid yellow, just the two stripes on the face.
  4. Auratus

    When Should My Red Empress Start Coloring Up?

    He is about 3in now, fat as fat can be and seems to be getting uglier. He showed a lot of promise when I first got him at about 1.5in. As of now he is just silver with a horizontal black stripe and some blue flecks in the face. My last red had started coloring up by now. Any thoughts?
  5. Auratus

    Testing New Camera

  6. Auratus


    Name Ideas? And the one I bought for my friend. We named him Butters b/c I brought him to her in a I can't believe it's not butter! container lol
  7. Auratus

    Opinion - Rot Or Blown?

    Do you guys think his tail is blown, or is this tail rot? Not that it makes much difference the treatment is pretty much the same. I already cleaned the tank, added salt and melafix. Anything else? Just noticed this yesterday. Sorry about picture quality
  8. Auratus

    Stocking Question

    I want to add 1 jewel cichlid to my 110 assorted african tank. I don't want more then 1 I don't want the chance of a pair killing everything in my tank... I've had that happen before lol. Jewels were one of my first cichlids I ever had and I've always wanted another but I think my tank is not...
  9. Auratus

    Just Upgraded To A 110G =D Also Need Some Ids

    New tank means new fish!!! Not sure what he is, some kind of lab. He has the cute fat upper lip thing if that helps lol I'm thinking a Jake. He hasn't been the same color for more then 5 minutes, he's always changing. Whatever he is I think he's a pretty sweet deal for $10. I'm a great...
  10. Auratus

    Can Julie Regani And Marlieri Breed?

    I have fry and the two guarding are a large regani and a marlieri. The fry are out of the cave now and they look to be marlieri. I'm thinking a pair of marlieri bred because I have 4 in the tank and the regani is just being a step mom? I was just wondering if they could pair up I'm not finding...
  11. Auratus

    It's Been A Year And A Half And No Ids

    I know you guys can tell me!!!! :nod: All I have is a camera phone right now, sorry. The top of the body has a white stripe, similar to a sulfurhead only not yellow.
  12. Auratus

    Oh It's Been A Long Time :)

    None of you probably even know me I've been gone so long. Buuut here's my cichlid tank as of a couple days ago.
  13. Auratus

    Johanni Question

    I was looking at some young males in the lfs and some had distinct vertical blue bars and some had more of a checkered black and blue pattern. Is this a juvi thing or is one just considered "electric blue"? When I googled them I found pictures of both types. The guy at the lfs tried to get me to...
  14. Auratus

    Id Please

    Sorry for the quality they are camera phone pics. He's a really calm fish doesn't start fights, he's about 4in long maybe a little bigger Flash shows more of his real color
  15. Auratus

    Few Cichlid Pics

  16. Auratus

    African Cichlid Issues

    So my cichlids fight like all cichlids do and occasionally get a rip and heal up fine. Well now these little rips in fins have turned red, some white and look like a possible fungal infection. I did a 50% water change on my lunch break and just came home form work and they look worse. Their...
  17. Auratus

    Id Please

    My Friend's cichlid. Both pics are the same fish. Sorry for the quality.
  18. Auratus

    New Crab!

    Watermelon crab
  19. Auratus


    I like marbles... kind of. The everchanging betta is neat, but sometimes I like the way they look when I get them and then they change on me :angry: I just wanted to show pics of the changes with one of my boys. Seller's pic. Sold to me as a female. Few weeks later Today :good: I also...
  20. Auratus

    Aquabid Question

    Is there anyway to search bettas but only the US sellers. It just makes me sad looking at all the pretty Thailand bettas I can't have. :rolleyes: