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    My nano tank

    Hi. A pic of my nano tank. I‘ve been out of the hobby for over ten years and I had this little tank knocking around in my shed so decided to set it up. It’s an old 18 litre Arcadia arc tank. I’ve got 8 chili rasboras and 8 red shrimp. I’ve got hydrophila polysperma on the left, bacopa monieri on...
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    Chili Rasboras

    I picked up ten chili rasboras. Think I’m down to nine now as one of them looked in really poor condition out of the bag. It was ultra skinny and not able to swim properly. Anyway, concerned about feeding them. I’ve got some dennerle nanogran, frozen baby brine shrimp, liquify no. 3 and I’ve...
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    Nano internal filter recommendation

    Hi, I’m currently cycling an 18 litre nano with a modified box filter but I’ve decided the filter is just too big and obtrusive and so I’m looking for a mini internal filter instead. I can’t go for a HOB as it just won’t work with my tank cover. It needs to be small and have adjustable flow...
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    Air driven filter uplift placement

    Hi. Just returning to fishkeeping after about 11 years and have a fairly basic question. I used to use UG filters years ago and I always had the top of the uplift tube at or just above water level so that tank water could not enter through the top of the uplift and “push back” on the rising...
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    Hi, just returning to fishkeeping

    Hi. just joined so would like to introduce myself. I kept fish for many years but stopped when I moved house about 11 years ago. Just getting back into it now, and am currently cycling a nano, as it is all I’ve got space for at the moment. in the past I’ve kept Apistos and all sorts of...