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    Algae problem

    THAnkyou for reminding me Cory's r social fish so the3 I was looking at buying wouldn't be enough... Tho I could add to them soon enough. I have the room n need help w algae. I've just begun to reduce light time. Looking for my tanks happy balance still. It's only 3or 4 months still
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    Problems with Platy Aggression!

    I'm struggling w my plays being bullies too. Only male bullying other male and no interest in the females. I thi k I need more females to balance things out but I hoped the 100ltr tanK would be large enough that everyone had their own room to hide and chill. I will see what adding some mOre...
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    HI. I'm new too. I've been coming here n just reading relevant topics n threads tho I joinEd today as I've rece tly been getting I to planting out my aquariums and am about to setup a other largish ta knit on a smaller budget of I cN manage to. What fish r u into or what r u In terests w fish...