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  1. CrazyDiamond88

    Betta Splendens Free To Good Home

    I am wanting to get out of fish keeping. I love my fighter fish but I feel like I don't have the time to properly care for him. He recently jumped out of his tank and is doing ok, but one of his pelvic fins looks a little short. He would just need a bit of extra care till he recovered from...
  2. CrazyDiamond88

    Poorly Betta

    Hi guys, I've had my betta almost a year now. He's pretty much always been a happy, energetic guy.   A couple of months back he was in a tank with some pygmy cory I had. They kept dying off, I think because I didn't do a gravel vac often enough and they got a bacterial infection. I have since...
  3. CrazyDiamond88

    Gravel Vac Blues

    Hello! I have always had trouble doing gravel vacs in my tank as it's so hard to start the flow. I had a normal gravel vac and couldn't get it started so then I got a TOM battery operated one which is USELESS. It does pretty much nothing. My betta has a white patch under him and I think it may...
  4. CrazyDiamond88

    Using A Timer, How Long To Have Lights On And In What Intervals?

    Hi there!   I have a 12 gallon 40cm x 40cm x 40cm tank with one betta in it.   The live plants I have are java fern, crypt balansae, lilaeopsis, and bacopa.   I have an 11W light. Is this bright enough?    I am going to have an electric timer to turn the lights on/off each day even if I'm not...
  5. CrazyDiamond88

    Alternative Impeller For Aquanano 40?

    The impeller on my Aquanano 40 hums a bit and since it is in my bedroom, it bothers me at night. It's not very loud but when everything is quiet it becomes pretty noticeable. Is it possible to get another kind of impeller that will work the same but be a little quieter?
  6. CrazyDiamond88

    Something Wrong With Kasai?

    I was worried he had ich, he seemed to have a couple of white spots on him, though I may have just been paranoid. I treated him with a broad anti fungal/parasitical/bacterial med, Wardley Promethyasul. He is acting normal enough. I thought I noticed strange white rings around his eyes but it...
  7. CrazyDiamond88

    Having Second Thoughts About Fish Keeping

    I've had my betta for about 9 months and my catfish for about 6. I'm having so many problems with my tanks lately and my Cory are dying from a bacterial infection. I believe this is because I rarely gravel vacuumed because I found it hard to do with the plants in the tank. Now I have to get...
  8. CrazyDiamond88

    Good Internal Bacteria Medication?

    Hello folks, I have some serious problems in my 12 gallon tank. My Pygmy Cory seem to have a bacterial infection which had killed 3 and is looking like it will kill a 4th just in the past month. I need to get hold of a good internal bacterial medication that will not harm the shrimp in the...
  9. CrazyDiamond88

    Dying Pygmy Cory

    Hello. The past month or so I've had about 3 pygmy cory die on me.   My water stats are fine when I check.   However I used to have a betta fish in with them and I think he was stressing them out. I took him out about 2 weeks ago after I had 2 cories die.    Anyway another cat has died since the...
  10. CrazyDiamond88

    Does My Betta Have Ich?

    Sorry I don't have a photo right now - I'm in a bit of a rush. I can get one later.   He has a couple of white spots on him but it's hard to tell whether that is just his shiny scales/skin. Though there is a really obvious one on his gill.   I have some stuff called Wardley Promethyasul which is...
  11. CrazyDiamond88

    Is This A Good Tank Size/measurement For A Betta?

    I have a small area on my desk where my betta is currently in a 5 gallon, but I want to give him more space. I am going to get a tank made up that is 25cm wide, 25cm deep, and 50cm high. Would this be okay for him? It makes it 8 gallons which is a bit more room for him too. He is no longer in...
  12. CrazyDiamond88

    Help, How Long To 'seed' A Filter In Established Tank?

    I pretty urgently need to move my betta out of the tank he is in with my cories as he's harrassing them.    Last night I set up his old 5 gallon and got the filter I used to use (which had been out of use for months), cleaned it, replaced the sponge, and put it in my established tank to be...
  13. CrazyDiamond88

    Stocking For 12 Gallon

    Hello! I'm moving my betta out of my 12 gallon tank and into a 5 gallon (will hopefully upgrade down the line) My 12 gallon, apart from the betta who will move out soon, has 9 Pygmy corydoras. My question is, how many more of the Pygmy could I add when the betta is gone? Second question, if I...
  14. CrazyDiamond88

    Betta & Pygmy Cory Dilemma

    I've had my tank up and running for about 6 months now. I started off with my betta, Kasai, and 11 pygmy cory. Since then 1 cory died randomly, no idea why. And then recently another one died, also have no idea why.   Now, as some of you know from my thread in Tropical Emergencies, another one...
  15. CrazyDiamond88

    Help! Another Dead Pygmy Cory.

    I'm so puzzled! Some of you may remember that about 4 days ago, one of my pygmy cory was showing signs of lethargy. I found it dead the next day.   I just came home from work to find ANOTHER dead cory!   I don't know what's going on! I will test my water now. Last time I checked the levels were...
  16. CrazyDiamond88

    No Longer Wanting My Kessil A150W Amazon Sun

    My tank is too small and I am too inexperienced to handle such a strong light. I am just wondering where the best place to sell it would be? Is eBay the way to go?
  17. CrazyDiamond88

    Sick Pygmy Cory?

    Hi guys, I was just looking about my tank seeing as my pygmys didn't seem to be coming out for food as much lately.   I spotted one little guy sitting there and when I put the net near, he just sat there. Usually these guys speed off, quick as a shot. But he moved a little then settled back...
  18. CrazyDiamond88

    Ugh. What's The Future Of My Tank?

    I am having a serious lack of inspiration with my little tank. I had dreams of it becoming a beautiful aquascape like the ones I'd seen online.   However for a long time I've been struggling with algae of various kinds.    And my plants seem to either be dying back or sort of just growing. Not...
  19. CrazyDiamond88

    Need Help With Friend's Goldfish In A Small Tank

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section. I'm about to house sit for a friend of mine. She has 2 fan tail goldfish in a tank that can't be bigger than 50litres. I think from what I've read these guys will need about 120L? I'm just wondering if anyone is getting rid of old tanks and are...
  20. CrazyDiamond88

    Black Algae Is Destroying My Plants

    I need some help guys! I'm on the verge of giving up on a planted tank.   The tank keeps getting overrun by green/brown algae that grows on the tank walls, and then the plants get covered in black webby/slimy algae. The tank on the walls I scrape off with a credit card. But It is hard to pick it...