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    What just killed all my fish?!

    Does anyone Know what is going on here... these fish were perfectly fine two days ago and within the last 24 hours almost every fish in the tank died and looks like this! Please help!!
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    Unpopular opinion: microfiber stinks!

    I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but does anyone else dislike microfiber towels? I find that they make more of a mess than anything else. Although they are absorbent, they leave lint and junk along their path. I was them by themselves with only other microfiber rags and I still have the...
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    Sick Guppy, need help!

    Hello! I am new to the forum and haven’t quite figured out how to navigate yet. I have a mama guppy who has started acting strange and now has some weird splotches on her. She WAS pregnant and then seemingly reabsorbed the fry because she didn’t give birth but she is no longer pregnant. She has...
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    New guppy mama

    Hello friends! I have several tanks with different tropical community fish, danios, neon tetras, mollies, a pleco, am angel fish but mostly guppies. Recently my husband and I are trying to breed our guppies. We are here to make new friends and learn new things!