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  1. Lunar Jetman

    UP Atomizer 16/22mm for sale

    I have an UP Atomizer for sale I bought a couple of years ago but never got around to fitting and now have a different set up so don’t need it. Designed for 16/22mm tubes. Box iis a bit bashed up but the atomizer is as good as new. Just had it out the box to look at and photo! Was looking for...
  2. Lunar Jetman

    Lunar's 'New' Tank

    So my presence on the forum has been a bit sporadic the last year or so. I've been around more lately and realised the other day after an exchange with @Ch4rlie that after my tank problems back in July 2019 I never continued that thread (
  3. Lunar Jetman

    Tank Problems

    So, I've had an eventful weekend regarding my tank but have some plans on where this will go, so let me set the scene for you first. Saturday morning I was tiding up the front room and dusting my tank when I noticed that one of the vertical supports appeared to be losing the outer layer. The...
  4. Lunar Jetman

    Jumping Betta!

    Anyone seen this yet? Jumping Betta   From PFK website. Here's the article if anyone is interested.    
  5. Lunar Jetman

    Ph Query

    Just tested my PH and I'm a little confused with the results so though you guys might be able to help Using he API kit, the standard PH comes up blue (left below) so thinking it above 7.6 I retested with the higher PH test and got the middle. Thinking this was closest to the 7.4 I retested with...
  6. Lunar Jetman

    Rummy Nose Tetras

    I'm thinking of getting some for my tank and whilst I'm happy they'll fit in with the current inhabitants, I've read in a few places they're better kept in softer water with a lower ph. Mine is quite hard and around 7.6-7.8 (need to retest again soon) so just wondered if anyone out there has any...
  7. Lunar Jetman

    Man Burns Eyes After Using Wrong Aquarium Lighting

    This will teach him to read instructions....
  8. Lunar Jetman

    Fish Euthanasia

    I just read an interesting article on the Practical Fishkeeping website on the topic of humanely destroying a fish. I've seen it discussed on here before and in the chat room so thought it might be of some interest.   I think it will be useful for anyone who has to put a fish out of their misery...
  9. Lunar Jetman


    So T, tell us about your ducks.
  10. Lunar Jetman

    Synodontis Id Help Please

    Can anyone help me identify this type please?
  11. Lunar Jetman

    Plant Id Help Required

    I need some assistance trying to identify a plant I had some time ago. It grew like wild fire in my tank but due to a few issues when moving I lost it. I did however give some to a friend who still has it. Anyone any ideas what this is? (ignoring the algae)  
  12. Lunar Jetman

    Api Test Kits

    Does anyone have any idea on the life of the API test kits? Previous non API kits I've had in the past did have expiry dates but there are no expiry dates on the API one I have, only batch numbers.
  13. Lunar Jetman

    Filter Media Query

    I'm just after your thoughts on the types of media you have and recommend. I currently have sponges, polishing pads(or wool/floss depending on what's on offer/cheapest at the time!) and activated carbon in my filter. I've also got a bag of peat I'm going to remove as I think it's run its course...
  14. Lunar Jetman

    Fao Moderators

    Just attempted to access this site from Google Chrome and got the Malware warning below. Thought you might like to be aware. Safe Browsing Diagnostic page for What is the current listing status for Site is listed as suspicious - visiting this web site may...
  15. Lunar Jetman

    For Sale - Phyllanthus Fluitans (red Rooted Floater)

    After getting hold of a tiny portion of this recently from someone on another forum, I now find I have far too much so if anyone would like a portion, please let me know. Say £4 a portion or £7 for 2?
  16. Lunar Jetman

    Wanted - Rena Smart Heater 300w

    Does anyone have one they don't want that is in good condition they're prepared to sell or know of somewhere I can buy one?