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  1. catxx

    So I've Ended Up With A 10G

    I have a shoal of 10 Furcatus in my 34g, including a couple of large males are about 6cm, maybe a bit bigger, they're all over the place, very active, way too active for a 10g! I too don't recommend Rainbows in a 10g, no matter what size they are. Mini tanks like 10g deserve mini fish really...
  2. catxx

    I Need Ideas/topics For My Science Fair Project!

    ummm something to do with fully aquatic plants vs immersed plants (a lot of our aquatic plants do just as well above water). or if you are into breeding colour genetics with livebearers, or is that too simple, might take a while too. i never was much good with science!
  3. catxx

    Pesky Neurotic Little Pest!

    I have two 5 year old Amanos in the 65L. I could try a couple of new ones in this 30L, I'll let all the plants grow up more first though I think. If they don't work, they can go in the 65L too!
  4. catxx

    Pesky Neurotic Little Pest!

    I did try him out with some Lampeye Killis today. Within an hour and a half he'd managed to kill one, so the remaining ones were relocated to my 65L tank. Now to think of more things to occupy his time that doesn't result in a massacre! He is a VERY active Betta, and I have had a lot of...
  5. catxx

    New Cadburys Advert!

    there's LOTS of mantis in that!
  6. catxx

    New Cadburys Advert! Just awesome haha! I love the frustrated turtle, pom pom crab cheerleaders and the fish tail high five ;)
  7. catxx

    This Is An Odd Betta On Aquabid!

    definitely marble going on there!
  8. catxx

    Pesky Neurotic Little Pest!

    I have had tail biters before, but not one quite so obvious and determined as this one! He is in a planted tank with a couple of caves. I know there will be no stopping him, but distractions will hopefully stem the tide of self-harming! And he doesn't need a mirror, us in front of the tank is...
  9. catxx

    Pesky Neurotic Little Pest!

    I have had C.habrosus before, but I have fairly hard water and I kept losing them, drove me mad! Maybe some C.pygmaeus though, they might work.
  10. catxx

    Pesky Neurotic Little Pest!

    SO my Betta chewed half his tail off over the weekend when we weren't home. Conclusion: he needs attention. NOW I just came home from work, went to say hello, the little beast had half a bit his anal fin in his mouth, happily chewing away, me poking him did not encourage him to let go, he's...
  11. catxx

    Pondering Getting A Bunny

    I only have a tiny 40ftx14ft garden, so sheds or playhouses are out! Sadly. I can fit a 6x2x2 hutch though as it's that bit narrower.
  12. catxx

    Pondering Getting A Bunny

    Commissioning one may well be what I have to do to get what I want! It will also need to be able to be dismantled to get it in to my garden unless big tough men want to lift it above their heads as the gateway from the side of my house to the back is narrow (21" at its narrowest point, measured...
  13. catxx

    Pondering Getting A Bunny

    The Rose Cottage one is only a 4ft hutch though. On chatting with the rescue and other bunny mad types, I think I'm going to seek out a proper single-story 6x2x2ft hutch, that's the minimum the RSPCA recommends also. The rescue lady pointed out not all bunnies are agile enough for the two tier...
  14. catxx

    Best Food For A Betta!

    I wouldn't fill his diet with veg, it (pref mushed pea) should only be used once a week or so, as Jenste said, to avoid constipation which is rife in Bettas. And brine shrimp can cause problems too, live/frozen food like bloodworm, daphnia and cyclops are better! With pellets, some can be very...
  15. catxx

    Pondering Getting A Bunny

    I've found a rescue not toooo far from me, kind of the other side of Herts in Royston, with a lot of bonded pairs so I've emailed them. They will probably know some good hutch manufacturers here too. I will probably make my own run though, well not me, I can't be trusted with hammers and...
  16. catxx

    Rainbowfish Id

    The Celebes went back and was swapped for a couple more Forktails, now have a group of 11 Forktails (also got 3 from a friend who found the little trio were eating all his shrimp..)
  17. catxx

    New Uarus- Pics Too At Last.

    They look stunning! But clearly don't cope with stressful situations haha.
  18. catxx

    My Fish-In-Cycle Tank!

    it's called an undergravel filter and is a fairly basic one, not that great for rooting plants as they'll wrap themselves up in it! the filtration in Orbs is not great.
  19. catxx

    What Fish Should I Add?

    FYI you shouldn't mix Rainbowfish, including Forktails with Dwarf Neons, apparently that's a big nono anyway. What size tank is it?
  20. catxx

    Keeping A Big Fish In A Small Tank?

    In order to do it and space out the growth to last until December you'd have to get a very small one, about 2", and over filter the tank too. Keep water quality immaculate and it will grow fast, fast enough for your parents to see the justification of the 75g tank needed asap!