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    New tank for babies

    Hi All I had 8 fry in my main tank so I quickly ordered a new tank so I could separate them.. Not ideal I know as the second tank was not cycled but a better option than leaving them with the others to get gobbled up. A week later I still have 4 so not too bad but not surprisingly the nitrate /...
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    Missing Fish

    Hi I have sat for ages this morning watching my fish as I seem to missing a harlequin. I've looked an all the plants and can't seem to find it. If it has died would the other have eaten it? I have Molly, male guppies and other harlequins Thanks
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi I'm new to keeping tropical fish. I have a 100l tank and currently have male guppies, dalmation Mollies, cherry barbs and harlequins. I am looking forward to being part of the online community and getting advice from all you seasoned fish owners out there
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    Pregnant Dalmation Molly

    Hi I'm new to fish keeping I am guessing from other posts I have read that she is heavily pregnant, she has looked like this for a week now I thought the fry might have appeared by now. Is there anything to look for that might indicate they are imminent? Thanks in advance