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    Is this a good stocking list for my planted 10 gallon?

    I asked a question a couple nights ago on the planted chit chat part of the site about my plants and everyone was very helpful so I wanted to check with everyone about my stocking list for it. I already have three mystery snails in there, and plan to get three scarlet badis, and eleven ember...
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    A Few Questions on My New Planted Tank

    Hey guys. Wanted to ask a few questions about my new planted tank. It's a ten gallon tank with a water sprite, amazon sword, baby tears, and three java ferns. I got the first two a couple days ago and the java and tears today. I got them both off Aquarium Coop. My first question was what are...
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    A couple questions from a new fishkeeper

    Hey guys! Kind of new to the hobby. I already have a 20 gallon all stocked up and my neighbor gave me his 10 gallon for free a week back. I'm in the process of making it a heavily planted tank and first putting a Scarlett Badis into it. I don't think the fish stores by me have that fish in stock...