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  1. stang1

    Help Me Pic A Plec!

    You may struggle to find a sociable Plec as they do prefer to venture out when the lights are off. You could add a blue light to the tank as that may encourage it out. As for pretty Plecs, there are loads! Check out the pinned topic of Plecs 8" and under, some great ones on there. :good:
  2. stang1

    Stocking Advice And Compatibility

    I agree with Wills on everything he has said. Parrots can be extremely aggressive and very unpredictable in behaviour. Als worries me when they are labelled as Blood Red as that can mean that they are dyed. I'd up the number of Gouramies to 5 or more but aim for more females than males.
  3. stang1

    Siamese Fighting Fish

    Regardless of whether it worked, it doesn't help the OP when it comes to stocking their 54 litre tank. I would listen to Beth about stocking, I'd either go for 1 male Betta or 3 Honey Gouramies. I would keep an eye on the Neon Tetras though as they have been known to fin nip. I personally think...
  4. stang1

    Help Me Pic A Plec!

    Not entirely sure where you find your info Carlove but Golden Nuggets are not the hardiest of Plecs and can't be relied on to eat algae. I've also not heard of Plecs jumping out of tanks when they are stressed :crazy: Channti- Bristlenose are great little Plecs, although not the prettiest...
  5. stang1

    Pets At Home

    I don't think the problem so much is with P@H being a good/bad store as to whether the staff that are employed there have a good knowledge of what they are selling. This can be said about any store that is selling livestock. Any store that sells livestock should make sure that the staff they...
  6. stang1

    My Fluval Edge

    I would rehome all the fish and start your stocking again. A Sailfin can easily reach 18" and ideally needs a 5ft tank minimum, although 6ft is better. To be honest, you shouldn't have been sold any of those fish for that tank, I personally don't think any of them are suitable. Consider looking...
  7. stang1

    Some Great Aquarium Cleaning Advice

    Lol, fair enough. Probably plenty of people out there who will find it ideal.
  8. stang1

    Some Great Aquarium Cleaning Advice

    Maybe, but kitchen towel costs next to nothing and I've always got it in the house. Those sort of towels look ok but it's the sort of thing that would get used a couple of times and then stored away, never to be used again. Nice idea but I'll stick with my kitchen towel. :)
  9. stang1

    Some Great Aquarium Cleaning Advice

    The cheapest and most effective way I've found is wet kitchen towel. Wipe horizontally with the wet kitchen towel, then vertically with dry kitchen towel. Cost = pennies ;)
  10. stang1

    Best Food For Cichlids

    I used to feed mine goldfish flake, spirulina sticks, New Era cichlid pellets and frozen brineshrimp/krill.
  11. stang1

    Rays And Arowana

    :drool: Forgot how much I loved looking at your pics Cane, those rays are absolutely stunning! :drool:
  12. stang1

    What Fish Can I Have?

    Great advice Wills although I feel the Danios would be best suited at lower temperatures. If you are keeping them in a tropical tank, ideally keep them at about 24C.
  13. stang1

    Discus Husbandry

    Thanks Mark, really appreciate it :*
  14. stang1

    Discus Husbandry

    Looks like I've got a fair bit of reading to do. Off to bed now but may end up picking your brains next time I'm on if you don't mind? :unsure:
  15. stang1

    When Mrs Platy Met Mr Koralia

    Lol, was in two minds whether to click on this topic! Phew, I'm glad it didn't end in disater!
  16. stang1

    Discus Husbandry

    Thanks for that, want to make sure I get it right if we do decide to definitely go for Discus. Plan to spend the next couple of weeks reading up on them more. :good:
  17. stang1

    Lily Thinks She Fits In Box

    Lol, great pic! I 2nd that nomination :good:
  18. stang1

    Discus Husbandry

    Bloomin' heck, swear you read my mind! Just been on a particular site to research them a little bit more and thought I'd double check with you. It says about doing 3 water changes a week, is that correct?
  19. stang1

    Male Guppy Tails Nipped?

    Is the tank 45 litres or gallons?
  20. stang1

    Bristle Nose Pleco Sexing

    From the pics, they both look like females but you say that BN 1 has a full beard of them? If it has got lots of bristles and they are slightly upturned, then it is defintely a male.