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    Congo Basin/african Themed Tank

    I have a 60 gallon with 2 ctenopoma and 6 syndontis petricola. I'm trying to find some african fish to put in this tank to go along with my current stock.   I have tons of hiding spots and good amount of plants, I plan on adding even more plants also. I have a 306 canister filter and 2 heaters...
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    Finishing Touch To My Tank

    Wow, it's been a long time. I'm back though and looking for some advice.   Thanks to the help of you guys I got my 60 gallon cycled back in January I believe and it's been running great ever since. The stock I decided to go with was 2 Ctenopoma and 6 Syno. Petricola. These fish are all doing...
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    Fish Caught In Mouth

    My leopard bush fish currently has the tail of a guppy hanging out of his mouth. He's eaten similar sized fish before but for some reason he hasn't swallowed this one or spat it out. Is there anything I should do? Is this dangerous?
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    Feeding My Ctenopomas

    Just wondering about feeding habits, I bought frozen bloodworms to feed 2-3 times a week (i read it's bad for digestion if fed daily). Is it safe to feed live fish as a main diet? The fish would be guppies from my own personal tanks   They don't seem to be interested in flakes so if not the live...
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    2 Weeks Into A Cycle Using Mature Media

    A few weeks back I was getting readings of 1 ammonia, 0 nitrites and nitrates 2 days after full dosing of ammonia. Now, my ammonia drops from 3ppm to 0 in 24 hours (which is what i thought i should be looking for) but i tested my nitrite and nitrate and found them both to be crazy high. Looks...
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    Confused By Start Of Cycle

    I have a 60 gallon with a Fluval 406 canister filter. I added a nice bit of mature filter media. After adding 3 ppm of ammonia i tested and 2 days following the addition i was down to 1 ppm ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 0 nitrates.    I redosed back up to 3ppm and after two more days I've tested and...
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    60 Gallon African Oddball

    I put a post up recently asking ideas for a 60 gallon tank i have obtained. After receiving help and having suggestions given to me, I have decided on having an "African Oddball" tank. I most definitely would like to have a trio of Leopard Bushfish. This is the main part of my tank which I want...
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    60 Gallon Ideas

    Was out on Black Friday and happened to run into Petsmart to get some crickets for my lizards. Long story short, my parents decided to hell with surprises, they'd get me a christmas present right then and there, a 60 gallon tank and stand combo! I can't stock it until christmas but the...
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    Pre-Filter Sponges Affecting Filtration

    I have recently converted my 10 gallon into a shrimp tank. It has been fully cycled for about 3-4 months. I read that it's a good idea to have a prefilter sponge to prevent shrimp from getting sucked in. I found a deal on Amazon that was 3 sponges for 4 bucks so i ordered them and realized the...
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    Planning A Native Tank

    My father has decided he would like to start a native tank with fish from our local ponds and such. The first thing he said was he wanted a fish that eats other fish lol so the plan would be to capture the thousands of little minnows and use them as food since that's what they would be eating in...
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    Fixture Or Bulb Problem?

    When i got home today my dual t5 fixture on my 29 gallon was off. Once I took it off I realized that something was wrong with either the bulb or the whole fixture rather than a plug falling out or something simple. When I first plug it in, one of the light begins to glow then flashes and goes...
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    Plant Id?

    I feel dumb for even asking this but I'm not sure what plant this is. I was told it was a small frogbit but I think it may be duckweed. I'm asking about the smaller plants not the water lettuce.  
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    Enough Space?

    My 10 gallon tank currently has 5 harlequin rasboras in it and a ton of MTS/ramshorn. Would it be okay to add a shoal of pygmy corys? I have a sand bottom with a decent amount of driftwood and a good sized piece of slate rock. If not corys, what are some other options besides a betta?
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    Tubifex Worms

    I recently bought a new food, tubifex worms obviously. Fish in both of my tanks seem to love it, they absolutely devoured it once they realized it was food. I'm wondering if this is the kind of food you feed once a week or not. I would like to make this the main diet rather than the flakes I...
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    Blue Ram Complications

    I bought two German Blues from the pet store about two weeks ago. After 4 or 5 days I noticed they had brought ich into my tank. I started treating with rid-ich plus and unfortunately one of the rams passed today. The other one seems to be white spots, rubbing against decor...
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    Early Stages Of Ich?

    I couldn't get a picture of my other ram buy i recently bought two blue rams and once I got them in my tank I noticed some white dots. I can't use salt in this tank but I have slightly raised the temperature and used rid-ich+. Am I overreacting or does this appear to be ich...
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    Ph Problems

    I have had problems in my tanks with snail shell deterioration. I tested my tap water and found it had a ph of 7.6 but my tanks both had a ph of 6.0. How could the tap water and tank water be SO different in chemistry. I just did a water change 3 days ago and I can't imagine what would cause...
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    Guppy Fry Color

    I have recently had another batch of guppies and for the second time I have noticed that my fry have almost all black tails and they were born only 3 days ago. Is this normal? Do the colors indicate anything?
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    Orange Dwarf Crayfish

    I would like to purchase a CPO or an Orange Dwarf Crayfish. The only thing stopping me at the moment is not knowing what exactly is compatible with them. I have read that they can go with neon, danios, guppies and that sort of smaller fish but I don't know if they would be compatible with a...
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    Fry Savers

    I'm just wondering what are some good, low demand (low light/no C02 needed) fry savers to put in my breeder tank. Mainly for livebearers and corys. I currently have some wisteria, anacharis, jungle val and a golfball size portion of java moss.   I only have a few stems of each stemmed plant so...