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  1. Mtnfishman

    Are both these mollies male?

    I have never kept mollies but I have platys and they are much the same as far as sexual identification. Fan shaped anal fin is female. A gonopodium (rough spike shape thing) where the anal fin is, would be a male. In your pic, the one on top is a male. Your pic isn't real clear but I think the...
  2. Mtnfishman

    How often should I be removing fish poop from the bottom of my tank?

    I do a weekly water change but gravel vac every two weeks, but have gone as long as three weeks. Also testing the water weekly. High readings would certainly prompt increased water change percentage and a gravel vac right away. I suppose everybody finds their cleaning rythm thats right for them...
  3. Mtnfishman

    Badger's 150g Rio Negro/Orinoco Flooded Rain Forest

    Oh, thought I saw in a previous post it was in a dental office. Wherever that beautiful tank is, it will result in positive vibes!
  4. Mtnfishman

    Badger's 150g Rio Negro/Orinoco Flooded Rain Forest

    Very nice work! Great selection of wood. I'm sure your patients are happy with the results. I used to work in health care. Well, still do, but administrative now. We used to have an aquarium in the lobby. When we installed it there was an immediate and obvious change of attitude and less anxiety...
  5. Mtnfishman

    Changed the look of my tank 😊

    I kinda miss all the color of my earlier tanks. I feel like our tanks are a canvas and we express ourselves via decorative styles that both suits us and the occupants needs. I think both tanks look great. Honestly, I personally lean toward the first pic. I have had all fake and and part fake and...
  6. Mtnfishman

    Names for my BB Pleco baby

    I like Hera of the two for a female name. I can't help but think of Greek Gods of the underworld for a pleco though since they spend alot of time in the underworld of the tank.
  7. Mtnfishman

    What’s your worst nightmare regarding your fish/pets?

    I used to have a used old 6ft long 125 gallon tank from the early 80's. I would have nightmares of waking to or coming home to 125 gallons of water on my hardwoods and all the occupants dead. This was because it was so old and the silicone at the seams was getting questionable. Gave away the...
  8. Mtnfishman

    New, Hello!

    Currently one Amazon sword and some Cyprus helferi in the background. Mid to front I have Anubius nana and lobelia cardinalis and In one front corner miniature dwarf hairgrass. All small freshly planted and not picture worthy yet.
  9. Mtnfishman

    New, Hello!

    I am new to the forum, or at least new to being a member. For years this has been one place I have always had in my favorites as a great wealth of knowledge. I have been keeping fish since 2003 after leaving the service and needing a relaxing hobby. I previously had 3 tanks, 125 gal. Saltwater...