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  1. Longislandguy

    Long Island/ NYC Discus breeder and live plants.

    Any ideas lmk. Thanks.
  2. Longislandguy

    Finally back after a decades long absence.

    Figured with so much stress and anxiety in the world, what better time to get back into the hobby I so loved. Decided I try an “amazoneque” type of display. while at Home Depot I noticed these white birch logs that are used for displays in people’s fireplaces. Thought it would look amazing to...
  3. Longislandguy

    Be over a decade since I got my hands wet

    I was an avid fish keeper since the age of 6. I managed a substantial fish room while going through college. after getting married, fish keeping was put aside. Always wanting to get back into a hobby that has been such a great tool in easing stress...... most of the time, and the rewards in...