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    How To Get Rid Of This Algae ?

    Everything was ok with my tank but now Im getting some dark green algae on my 3Dbackground. Its very hard to remove. Ive try to brush off but it looks like its growing from it?!?! Ive got lights on for 8h a day. Using Fluval 305 and 205 filters(205 with UV)and small vawemaker to move the water...
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    Fluval Vicenza 260 Ltd Light Problem

    So it looks that my light unit starts to play up. When pressing ON dont always come on. Sometimes have to press 2-3 times be4 the light goes on so I think that might be starter yes ??? Other thing is when the lights are OFF the place on the light unit where is the ON/OFF and Timer button is...
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    Green Algae Bloom In Just Few Hours.

    This morning my tank was looking ok. With just little green algae as usual. Come back home after about 4h and the tank is green :no: :no: Green algae on glass,rocks,plants,background everywhere!!! My tank is Fluval Vincenza 260 LTD. Im running it with Fluval 305,205 filters and have TMC UV...
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    How To Edit My Post ?

    I would like to edit my post so all the main info about my tank are on top first page but I cant. I can edit older messages in my post but not the first one. Help please.
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    Middle Section In Fluval Vicenza 260

    Ok so my problem is. Im starting new project with my Fluval Vicenza Limited edition. Ive order a 3d background thinking that everything would be ok. It arrives today and the first thing what make me thinking was how would I get the background in?? On top of the tank where the light unit is there...
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    German Blue Ram Breeding Help

    My blue ram has just lay her eggs on one of my plant. With other fish in the tank should I take the plant leaves with the eggs and my two blue rams in a breeding trap or just leave it????
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    My New Fluval Vicenza 260 Limited Edition Upgrade

    Ok so its time to upgrade my tank. As you can see Im running now Fluval Roma 90 with Fluval 205,Vecton Uv... I just pick up my new baby last week. Its the FLUVAL VICENZA 260 LIMITED EDITION :D The tank looks just amazing. For a second I was thinking to put my marine fish there :no: . Tomorrow...
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    White Belly Wrasse Problem

    Ive a white belly wrasse. For the first two days it was swimming ok. Out during the day and back in sand at night. Then it didnt come out for a day. Next day I saw her out for about 2-3 hours. After that she stayed in the sand for two days and today when I saw her she was swimming upside...
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    Ph Drops At Night

    My pH drops from 8.05 to 7.8 at night. Ive a small wooden stone to get the air to the tank. Is that the problem why the pH droops?? Should I turn it off for the night or put more air??
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    Adding New External Filter. Need Advice

    Im planning to add external filter to my marine tank. Can I just take it out from the box,plug it in and thats it??? Or should I take something from the filter that is now running and put some in in the new one??
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    Six Line Wrasse Or Banded Shrimp?

    As I have a little problem with bristel worms I'm thinking of getting the six line wrasse or banded shrimp. Which one will be better for my tank?? I mean not aggressive to my other fish?? I've 2 clown fish,2 cleaner shrimp,emerald crab,damselfish and a yellow clown gobby. thanks
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    Free Goby Has To Go Tonight

    I bought him last night but after the mess he did I wont keep him. It has to be collected be 7 this evening or I will take it back to my LFS . Collection from Leicester
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    Fluval Roma 240 Cabinet Bnib Black/silver

    Fluval Roma 240 cabinet brand new in box. Black/silver
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    Fluval Roma 240 Cabinet Bnib Black/silver

    Fluval ROma 240 cabinet brand new in box. Black/silver
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    New To Marine And Have Problem With Hair/bubble Algae

    Ive just bought a small marine tank with live rock. On few of them is a long hair algae. What is the best thing to do?? Take the rock out and brush it of the algae or get emerald crab???? I have 1 clown fish,cleaner shrimp and a blue leg hermit crab. Will they be safe with the emerald crab or...
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    Green Star Wont Open

    Ive bought the green star coral. It look nice in the shop but since Ive put the coral in the tank it wont open!! :angry: Did anyone had the same problem?? Should I give it a little brush??
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    Which one is better??(I mean the make) The Newave with adjust water flow or the Koralia??
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    Lost 4 Blue Rams In Last 3 Months

    All of them where fine and It just go one by one. THey look ok but one day the stop moving the bottom fines and after that in less than 24 hours the fish is ded?? Whats wrong?? Does anyone knows the name of the disease?????? I think that the eyes went black as well. :no:
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    Please Close Wanted Boyu Orca Tl 450 Or 550

    Please close. Ive just bought one. :rolleyes:
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    Wanted Fluval Vicenza 260

    I looking to buy a Fluval Vicenza 260 in Limited Edition. It has to be in mint or very good condition. CASH WAITING!!!!!!!!!