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  1. AshGillott

    Planes, Trains & Automobiles--Scale Modeling

    Hi Guys   The above is what I started doing a couple of years ago, I got addicted (as I do all hobby ventures) and then after messing up my last paint job I fell out with it and started selling the kits i had collected so I could buy a tank and start with fish again. I did have a decent...
  2. AshGillott

    What To Do? Fry In Mi Tank

    Hi guys, I did a water change today and spotted a little platy in my tank, I know the mother had dropped as her spot had gone but being in my tank I thought I would never see anything swimming. But low and behold there is was, a spotty little fish swimming about. I went to the shop and got me...
  3. AshGillott

    Can I Have A Zebra Pleco In This?

    HI Guys   New here and just starting out again after a 10 year break.   I have a 80 x 30 x 40 (LxWxH) planted tank which houses the following   BN plec 2.5" female I think 5 x cardinal tetra 4 platies 2m + 2f 3 guppies 1m + 3f (lucky boy) 2 cherry shrimps  1 mardy rainbow shark   I love the...
  4. AshGillott

    My First Planted Tank Ever

    Hi Guys   This is my first go at planting a tank and my first tank since I quit fish keeping about 10 years ago.   Ask me what the plants are and I would look at you smiling like a goofball and say ummm green and red ones??, though I know that the grass at the front is grass stuff and the moss...
  5. AshGillott

    Hi From Donnie Uk

    Good morning   My name is Ash and I currently reside in Doncaster UK   Many years ago I bought a 3ft long tank and decided to keep tropical fish, I was well into the hobby, buying smaller tanks and setting them up as breeders I managed to breed and raise corydora's, Bristlenose plecs, danio's...