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    Topping Up Substrate And Adding More Live Rock

    Going to top up my crushed coral substrate. I was going to do this slowly, adding a bit at a time with week intervals, maybe like two mugs worth at a time. I've only got a 46ltr fluval edge so not a huge tank. And was worried about putting loads in and something going wrong lol. Does this sound...
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    Copepod Type Bugs In New Fresh Water Set Up.

    I started a marine tank and due to unforeseen circumstances had to opt out of it just at the point it was ready for fish and revert back to tropical fresh water. The marine tank went well with clean up crew and lots of copepod small bug things all over the live rock. Any way. I sold the live...
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    3kg Live Rock And Cuc. Marham. Norfolk.

    Been set up about a month and a bit. About 3 kg of live rock that has been flourishing. Full of life. Paid £12 a kilo from swallow aquatics. Also have two Mexican hermit crabs and a pink turbo snail. I'd like to see if any ones interested in these for around the £20 mark. Paid more than this for...
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    My Turbo Snail Isn't Very Turbo

    So I have had the tank running and cycling for about 4 weeks and went to swallow aquatics and got my water tested by them and some advice as I'm desperate for two clowns but I'm trying to be patient. They said its not ready yet but I could get a cuc. At least I have some thing in my tank to...
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    Newbie With A Few Quick Q's

    Afternoon all. Have just joined the salty world and set my tank off cycling with some live rock in there. All seems to be going well. I went to swallow aquatics and got some great advice and picked up my live rock and water. So helpful there. They even sold me water from their system to help...
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    Live Rock Spreads?

    Im thinking of setting up a marine tank in my 125ltr. I've got quite a bit of ocean rock in it from a cichlid set up and I was wondering if I bought one small bit of live rock and put it amongst my ocean rock will it spread so I end up with all or alot more live rock? I've also just bought a...
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    Juwel Rio 125 Filter

    Hi peeps. I was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on how I remove the internal filter from my rio 125? Thought I'd ask befor being heavy handed and potentially breaking the glass. The reason I want to remove it is there is mould between it and the glass I can't remove and figured...
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    6 Saulosi Need A New Home.

    Ok, so I have 6 Saulosi that I need to find a home for. They are constantly breeding and in great health showing great colours. I have one male and I believe 5 females, but I don have a suspicion one may be a male that isnt showing its blue colours. I also have one tiny tiny fry and another...
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    Saulosi Fry

    My salousi spit their fry the at the start of the week, 7 in total, and im going to be closing the tank in the coming weeks, possibly next week. All the adults will hopefully being going back to swallow aquatics where they came from but I need to ring them to confirm they will take them. Im not...
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    Saulosi Fry

    My saulosi had some fry probably a month and a few weeks ago. I managed tO get three fry into a breeding net but currently only have one. He is eating flake and I probably just under 1cm. I was curious when I should release him back into the general population? I don't want to release him and he...
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    Saulosi's Mouth Brooding?

    Had a weekend away from the house and the fish. Got back and fed the saulosi and I've noticed one of my females has a bump under her mouth. Kinda like a chin bump. Is thus her holding eggs? Or some thng else? My male is just about all blue now so maybe he's been busy? Lol
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    Quick Feeding Q

    Cureently feeding the Saulosi one cucumber every now and then for a treat and spirulina flake twice a day, just befor i got to work and then after ive had dinner in the eve. My Q is ...... how many days could i potentially leave them? Im prob going away thursday and wont be back untill sunday...
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    Got Some Saulosi :)

    Well took a little detour on the drive home and stopped off in swallow aquatics in norfolk. WOW! its amazing :) and they had loads of saulosi :) so after a quick chat with a very nice young lady i bought 4 of them for £28 (good price?). Id of had more but i thought ill go easy as ive spent quite...
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    Would It Be Really Frownd Upon......

    ...... if i got some oscars (tiny little baby ones) for my rio125 for a few months and then re homed them? I know they will out grow the tank but i fancy owning them and would rehome them befor they got too big.
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    Interesting Plec........but Wont Brake The Bank?

    I've recently seen a lot of interesting plecs, and my friend has recently got a golden nugget plec free with a tank he got. Its amazing! but i gather theyre rather pricey and he doesnt want to sell it to me lol. I was curious if people could post some plecs on here which are interesting to look...
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    Rocks In Your Tanks......

    I am going to be trying to get hold of some ocean rock this week to finish off my aquascaping, but i wondered if you guys put any thing under your rocks to protect the bottom of the tank from being scratched, or worse.....cracking! ohhhh...... amd is £3 per Kg a good price for ocean rock?
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    Hoeny Gouriami "dancing"

    Got some honey gouriami and only had them for about a week. saw them "dancing" together today and rubbing against each other?? mating rituals or some thing? or just "friends" lol
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    Api Freshwater Test Request...

    I have one of these now that came with a tank i bought but it dioesnt have the card to compare your water to the amonia....wondered if any one has an old one? or a scanned in one?
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    Bubbles And A Rio125 Q

    Firstly with your can of larger pour it into a pint look at those tiny little bubbles that float to the surface in nice line, swaying about....what product can i buy to get some bubbles like this in my tank? I bought a air tube thing thats blue and has suckers to stick to the glass...
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    Quick Lighting Q

    Just got a bargain Juwel Rio125, but the lighting bar didnt come with any bulbs. I'm hoping that just becasue they were broken and that the ballast hasnt gone. My question is..... What bulbs to get? I believe they are T8 but i want to get a nice lighting, like you get in the LFS. A nice bright...