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    Learning Dslr

    All photos shot without flash. Kit lens (18-105). Comments and suggestions welcome :). Photo 1: f = 5.6, 1/40sec, ISO 1000, 105mm Photo 2: f = 5.6, 1/40sec, ISO 1000, 105mm Photo 3: f = 5.6, 1/40sec, ISO 1000, 105mm Photo 4: f = 5.6, 1/40sec, ISO 1000, 105mm Photo 5: f = 5.6, 1/100sec, ISO...
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    Because I can.
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    Some Random Pics

    Some random new pics. 20 gallon. Excuse the scratched glass, the tank is ~10 years old lol. Taken with a point and shoot :/. The stock would be 1 x L206 pleco (no pics of him below) 1 x L126 pleco 2 x Platydoras armatulus (old species ID = P. costatus, recent findings point out that the "P...
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    Random New Pics

    I've been learning to use the camera a bit better now lol... Most of them would have to be cropped a bit, but I'm lazy :P.
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    How Big Do Black Aros Actually Get?

    I'm almost afraid to ask with all the hating around here when people ask for stock ideas, so I'll plan that myself and ask for suggestions when I have the founds and plans done... The thing I want to ask however is what is the normal size for black aros in captivity and what size tank is big...
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    Rescape :d

    I decided it's time for a change so I rescaped my tank :)... took 5 hours lol before: after: Some random fish shots... L206 pleco: gudgeon (don't know exact species, if anybody has any idea, lemme know):
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    Random Shots - Learning To Use The New Camera

    Some random shots, would be nice if somebody identified the pleco, bought as peckoltia sp. - L170, not completely sure on it though as the shop has snakeheads labeled as mogurnda gudgeons... excuse the particles in the water, shots taken just after feeding Pleco: Vietnamese loach: Botia...
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    Planet Catfish

    This Account Has Been Suspended Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible. Did anybody get this message when going onto planetcatfish before? And could anybody tell me how to contact the support department?
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    Nightwish - Ljubljana Slovenia 4.3.08

    The concert was nice :)... getting home at 01:30am and waking up at 6:30 for school however wasn't lol... but well worth it in the end :)... My ears are still ringing after almost 24 hours, was quite loud lol the pics could be better if I actually had a camera or similar, same goes for the...
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    Phone Pics :p

    phone camera... not the best of pics... enjoy :P
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    I Thought March Was Supposed To Be Warm...

    well after not snowing for the whole winter we got a massive snow storm yesterday... some pics I took... excuse the quality - taken from a buss with a cam phone...
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    As I'm getting my own room in the summer (most active TFF chaters already know so) I decided that I will probably be getting a palaudrium. it will be 4' X 2' X 2' water, 4' X 3' or 4' X 2' air (those are length X wide X height) and about 4' X 1' or 2' land. At least that's the plan. I'm looking...
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    How Much Space?

    Well I was just wondering how much space do you have left and how much do you have overall? I have 300gb alltogether aand around 15gb left...
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    Since it's winter (well maybe more like the end of winter) I was wondering if you people know how to ski and if you enjoy it and the most important have you went / are planing to go skiing this season.
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    How Much Money Have You Spend On Fish?

    Just curius... Around 500$ for me...
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    How Much Money Do You Spend On Fish?

    Well I am just curius, tell how much...
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    Really Fat Pleco

    Well my bristlenose pleco got really fat. I have been trying to get her, to lose some weight but she wouldn't. So what should I do ??? :/ :/ EDIT: spelling
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    So as mentioned in the title what is overstocking to you, here are some of the options: 1. The inch per gallon rule 2. The cm per liter rule 3. Fish can normally swim around 4. Normal water parameters (amonia,nitrite: 0ppm; nitrate: ~20 ppm or below) 5. Fish can normally swim around, normal...
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    Dosing Liquids

    Do you know about those infusion bags, that are in hospitals? You could just buy one, instal a needle valve, adjust it how you want it and give some water mixed with fertsin it. would work automaticly, so what do you say?? :) :) :D :D
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    Best Fishkeeping Moments

    Well this got inspired by the topic of the worst ones so tell about your best ones. One of the best ones of mine: My bristlenose plecos spawned, and I didn't know it, I just found 2 live babies, about 5mm long :) :) :D :D . I wasn't planing on spawning, they just did it, I had a male (passed...