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  1. Captain Retardo

    Breeding German Blue Rams In 10 Gallon

    I recently setup a 10 gallon that I had lying around for some native fish and a crayfish that I caught, however, I am getting pretty bored of it now, and I think I'll give the fish to a friend, or put them back in the stream where I caught them. So I want to convert that tank to a tropical...
  2. Captain Retardo

    How Much Ammonia To Add

    So im going to fishless cycle a new ten gallon native fish tank that I am setting up (BTW look for pics in the next few days of the entire set up). I know how the whole process goes and all that, ive been through it before, I just forgot how much ammonia to add, for some reason I cant find it on...
  3. Captain Retardo

    Angelfish With Columnaris Or Saprolegnia

    A few weeks ago I bought an Angelfish and 6 Harlequin rasboras for my 29 gallon tank. I got the angelfish before the rasboras, and the angelfish quickly fit in and in a few days was eating from my hand, the other angelfish i had was bullying him a little bit, but all was fine. I recently put new...
  4. Captain Retardo

    Setting Up Diy Co2

    So I plan on making my own DIY Co2 kit. Instead of using one 2-liter bottle, I will be using two 1-liter bottles. Just to give you some tank info: 29 Gallons: Plants I'm Trying to grow: Argentine Sword Bleheri Sword Some cryptocoryne which I havent identified yet Hygrophila polysperma Java...
  5. Captain Retardo

    Quick Hood Question

    So I'm thinking about replacing my all-glass single strip light with a Coralife T-5 Double Strip Light (I'm starting to grow higher light plants). I don't really want to change the hood though, will the coralife fit onto my all-glass hood?
  6. Captain Retardo


    I was just wondering If anyone else here owned some Mudminnows? I never seem to find topics about them! But I guess they probably don't sell in stores. I caught mine in April in a pond in my back yard, brought him back to my tank, Hes been fat an healthy this whole time! He never attacks any...
  7. Captain Retardo

    I Hate Harry Potter

    I am so sick of hearing all the Harry Potter crap all over the news, all I hear now is how Harry Potter changed peoples lives and got Gazillions of kids into reading. It is so annoying. Plus I think Harry Potter is a bad series too, its not funny, smart, or interesting. I'll take Douglas Adams...
  8. Captain Retardo

    Best Bands

    Hey, I've been downloading a lot of music for free from bands (yes, it is legal) and I've found some really awesome bands there. What are some of the best bands that you have found? Here are some really good bands: Armory August Sabaton
  9. Captain Retardo

    Wizard Quest

    THE BEST METAL BAND EVER!!!!! (according to the band wizard quest) I think they totally kick some butt :lol: and My personal favorite songs are Odin VS Thor and Poseidon is killing the sea men! :lol:
  10. Captain Retardo

    Making Soda With Diy Co2 System

    Hey everybody, I was just wondering: Could I be able to make Soda and other carbonated beverages by simply making a DIY Co2 unit, and running the airline into the (covered) cup? If so, How long would it take to make it carbonated as much as other soda? Sorry that this dosen't have much to do...
  11. Captain Retardo

    Lauch A Rocket With Your Potassium Nitrate

    Well I always thought I could do something cool with that potassium nitrate and it turns out I can! All I need is some sugar, and boom! I have rocket fuel, check this out: Just wondering: Would Magnesium Sulfate (or Calcium Sulfate)...
  12. Captain Retardo

    Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

    died on wednesday... :sad: :rip:
  13. Captain Retardo

    Will A Senegal Bichir Be Troublesome To These Fish

    Will a Senegal Bichir try to eat Zebra Loaches (botia striata), Upside-Down Catfish (synodontis nigriventis), or Rainbow Cichlid fry (herotilapia mulitspinosa)? I Will probably soon get a 40 gallon "breeder" tank, its dimensions are 36" long x 18" depth x 16" height . For the tank I want to...
  14. Captain Retardo

    Best Power Filter?

    I'm a bit stuck between getting either a Hagen Aquaclear filter, or a Marineland Emperor filter...I've heard good comments for both, what are your opinions on them?, what are the Advantages/Disadvantages? I would especially like to hear from people who have owned both types of filters.
  15. Captain Retardo

    Three-lined Corydoras

    Common Names: Julii Corydoras, Three-Lined Corydoras, False-Julii Corydoras Scientific Name: Corydoras trilineatus Distribution: Peruvian amazon: Rio Ampiyacu, Rio Ucayali and the Yarina Cocha. Ecuador: Rio Pastaza. (from Family: Callichthyidae Adult Size: 2 inches...
  16. Captain Retardo

    Wow, African Fan Shrimp

    Has anybody heard of the African Fan Shrimp? I just found out about them on 7 inches!!! I want one!
  17. Captain Retardo

    Fairy Shrimp

    What would be an ideal environment for my Fairy Shrimp? Right now they are in a ice cream bucket, but I might put them in a small tank...So then, how should I set up the tank? Just deritrus on the bottom, with a layer of sand underneath?
  18. Captain Retardo

    After A Collection At Local Pond

    Today I took a trip to the local pond, and saw some cool critters swimming about in there, so I went my house and came running back with a net and a baggie, I caught a whole bunch of two different kinds of animals, can someone help me identify them? (I'll have pics and a maybe a vid soon) My...
  19. Captain Retardo

    2 Questions

    I've got 2 quick questions: 1) Which light is better the ZooMed FloraSun, or UltraSun for growing plants 2) Which filter would be better for a 10 gallon breeding tank for Corydoras, Hydro-Sponge, Lee's Sponge Filter, Jungle Labs Dirt Magnet. Or does it not...
  20. Captain Retardo

    How Does My Angel Do That

    I've noticed that my Angelfish can get short bursts of speed (when its want to quickly chase a rasbora away from his food), and obviously its fins are not made for that stuff, so I was wondering; How do Angelfish get that burst of speed? Is it some sort of jet action where they shoot water out...