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    Is It Possible........

    I have a 29 gallon with 4 semi-aggressive chiclids and a 46 gallon with two silvertipp sharks a bala 2 killfish and 5 danios and i am looking to get a 90 to 110 gallon is it possible to bring them together
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    Fluval G Series

    Hi i am looking to get a 90 to 110 gallon tank and i am wondering should i get a fluval 405, a fluval G6 or a penguin 400 bio wheel filter
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    Fish Are Dying Everywhere

    I just bought 2 scissortail rasboras and the next 2 days i saw them dead . i woke up the next morning and 2 more fish were dead. did the two scissortails bring a disease to the tank :rip:
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    What Makes Filters Better Than Others

    does anyone know any things that makes some filters better than others
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    Fish Out Of Water

    I took everything out of my tank getting ready to gravel vac our tank when i took out a rock where my 2 spotted raphael catfish stay. i took it out forgetting totally about them.they never came out of the rock.After i finished the vac i couldn't find them so at first i thought i buried them so...
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    Plant Questions

    I bought a small plant from my local petstore. Anything i need to have to keep the plant alive? Please answer these questions Gravel or sand What type of light[if needed] water coditions water temperature fish compatible with plants
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    Roseline Shark Or Torpedeo Barb Questions

    I've read alot of website posts about roseline sharks and they say to get 4 or more. I only have room for 2? People on this forum say if you get 2, 1 will die. What should i do?
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    Top Reasons To Use Sand Over Gravel

    what are the best reasons to get sand and the top reasons not to get sand?????????????? :unsure: :good:
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    Bala's Not Feeding

    I have 2 balas and alot of giant danios. When i put the food in the bala's don't eat at all?? what should i do????????????
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    How To Gravel Vac Sand

    I was thinking of getting sand but I thought it will be different gravel vacing sand then gravel vacing gravel. Is it the same or different than gravel vacing gravel?
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    How To Tell What Fy Is Which?

    Whell i found about 7 babies in my top tank with all danios in it. About a month later i look in my small tank and there were 4 babies that were bigger than the first breed. They look exactly like the fist ones too. Are they danios????
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    How Long Do Fish Grow In A Month

    How long does a silvertip shark grow in a month???????????? :unsure:
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    Thanks For All The Help

    :hyper: :hyper: :good:
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    Best Algae Eater

    :hyper: Does anyone know a medium sized algae eater that does it's job and it's active and pretty???????????????????????????/
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    Small Plecos

    I have a tank and I'm looking for a algae eater. Does anyone any good algae eater?
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    Where To Buy Fish In Massachusetts

    I was wonering If anyone had a fish called the Triple Red Apisto or Apistogramma cacatuoides family? :unsure:
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    Marineland 200 Filters

    I'm looking at these filters to buy 1. If anyone has one please reply?
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    Cloudy Water

    :unsure: My tank's about 2 months old and the water is cloudy. I've cycled the water twice,the water clear at first but then a week later it's cloudy again and I've noticed when i shut the light off the water is green.I've been feeding them Krill pellets and it looks like the waters getting...
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    Top 10 Least Aggresive Chiclids

    If anyone can list the least aggressive chiclids with a picture? Thanks! :hyper: :fish: My tank 2killfish 2silvertip sharks 2 pictus catfish 2bala sharks 5 giant danios Eventually I will get a bigger tank for my pictus catfish and silvertip sharks.
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    Feeding Questions

    I have a 29 gallon tank and my fish are eating it in 30 seconds. My fish keep eating it though. should I keep feeding them?