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  1. Fledling_Fry

    19L Shrimp Tank

    So, with my plans for the 19L dissolved, I'm looking into getting some shrimp for the tank. It's moderately planted with a larger driftwood decoration, and is freshwater with a heater and filter. With these conditions in consideration, what shrimp would look the best? Keeping in mind I already...
  2. Fledling_Fry

    19 Litre invertebrate tank

    Hi all. I have a 19 litre tank (which I incorrectly labelled as 18 litres in a previous post), and was wanting to turn it into an invertebrate tank. Would it be large enough for one or two dwarf crayfish and some shrimp? or should I just stick with one or two dwarf crayfish? I've never kept...
  3. Fledling_Fry

    Stocking Ideas for two tanks (18 litres and 25 litres)

    Good Day all. I currently possess two tanks, one of which is fully cycled while the other has just begun the process. The 25L has finished its cycle, and now comes the time to stock it, while also planning what to do with the 18L. I was wondering what kinds of fish I could get in both? I...
  4. Fledling_Fry


    Hi all, I'm Fry. I'm relatively new to fish keeping and possess three tanks which I hope to condense into one larger tank some day. Currently I only own shrimp which have a 10L tank to themselves. I also have 25L and 18L tanks, which currently have no inhabitants (but have been cycling for a...