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  1. MrWhite

    Selling £17 Maidenhead Voucher For £10

    Ye oasis is my LFS only 10mins down the road i also have a credit note for there store for £10 lol thats gonna go to waste aswell when i move Cheers m8
  2. MrWhite


    You should look at t6 bulbs they will fit in to your hood and give 40% more light than t8s and you have to change your hood heres a LINK check it out m8
  3. MrWhite

    5 Wild Discus + 2 Alenquer Red Tankbred Discus Reduction Need To Go As

    stunning fish m8 wish i had a tank for them im jealous
  4. MrWhite


    Well two 15 wat t8 gives you 30 watts so what ever your tank size is in US Gallons divide that by 30 So for example i have 2x25watt bulbs that gives 50 watts divide that by my tank size 29 us gallons 50/29=1.7 WPG
  5. MrWhite

    My Planted Journey Begins

    Cheers m8 most probably gonna go for the nature soil like you said it seems to be the new thing also any info regarding my bulbs would be appreciated are they ok
  6. MrWhite

    My Planted Journey Begins

    Cheers bagu pics added now !
  7. MrWhite

    Tropical Tank In Marine Style Video

    yep thats a nice tank hes a member on here i think hes called 8ianry
  8. MrWhite

    My Planted Journey Begins

    Well i stripped down my standard 24 uk gal, 29 us gal, 110litre tropical tank to have a go at a proper planted tank. Im still deciding on plants and hardscape for the time being as this tank wont be getting planted until next week when i move in with my girlfriend and bringing my beloved tanks...
  9. MrWhite

    Youtube Discus Tank :s

    the guy seems to have a lot of experience with fish and hes tank always looks spotless but still 2 discus in there so does this mean i can keep 4 discus when i set up my 24 gal planted lol only joking i wouldn't dream of doing that Like YF said its aquascaped nicely
  10. MrWhite

    Youtube Discus Tank :s What the hell i dont no jack about discus but can you keep them in a tank like this ?
  11. MrWhite

    Unfashionable Tangs...?

    My LFS stock lots of tangs but they said the same thing to me when i was setting a tang tank up a while back that not many people want them as there not the thing anymore But trophs are beautiful fish would love to set up a tank with them read they can be hard to keep alive though due there...
  12. MrWhite

    Finally The Way I Like It

    The fish suffer through having holey rock ? explain maybe if you lack maintenance in your tank they could suffer most people recommend holey rock for a cichlid tank though
  13. MrWhite

    Seachem Tabs?

    I was reading before that root tabs are not actually needed as long as you dose the water with ferts but if you do wanna buy them then yep there the ones or maybe you can try tropica brand
  14. MrWhite

    Selling £17 Maidenhead Voucher For £10

    Salford m8
  15. MrWhite

    Planted Tank Will This Light Work?

    whats that plant right in the center of your tank ? Also your gonna have problems in your tank stocking isn't great
  16. MrWhite

    Shrimp Steal

    Is it just me or are all the best deals always so far away ###!! all the cheap tanks all the best stock all the cheap stock just never near me i hate Manchester ### this place lol
  17. MrWhite

    Ive Put Rocks In [ Piccies ]

    infidel your making me wanna set up a brackish puffer tank instead of a planted dwarf puffer tank now lol
  18. MrWhite

    Ive Put Rocks In [ Piccies ]

    In case you find a puffer chasing another puffer like i said they MAY be aggressive with each other so if they are you will have to remove the aggressive fish or you will end up with a dead one instead