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  1. Bubblewrap

    Female guppies dying for some reason...

    oh its sad to hear that, have you been checking the ammonia levels? also, do you remove them soon after their deaths?
  2. Bubblewrap

    Molly chasing tail? has white spot

    oh shame, hope it will get better soon anyway
  3. Bubblewrap

    Molly chasing tail? has white spot

    ok, you could try the anit-white spot stuff, its not very expensive
  4. Bubblewrap

    Hi everyone!

    hello and welcome :)
  5. Bubblewrap

    Molly chasing tail? has white spot

    hello, did you use the anti-white spot treatment?
  6. Bubblewrap

    Just 2 questions

    that happened to my guppy too - the tail got badly spit and chipped - i think it was the ,y other fish bullying it.
  7. Bubblewrap

    Dying Gobies

    i'm sad to hear it - do you know of any reason that the other 2 died?
  8. Bubblewrap

    Water test kits

    hello, are some water kits a lot better than others? if so, please could someone recommend a good one to me?
  9. Bubblewrap

    Feeding Fish

    ok, thanks very much for your help
  10. Bubblewrap

    Tank Of The Month?

    same, it would certainly encourage me to keep my tank clean and good looking!!
  11. Bubblewrap

    Feeding Fish

    ok, thanks for your help. i have some danios and they want food everytime they see me but i just have to resist. i normally feed them every other day and sometimes skip a day out. is that the right thing i should be doing?
  12. Bubblewrap

    Feeding Fish

    hi guys, how often do fish actually need feeding? my local fish shop said every other day but other instructions say twice a day. please help me.
  13. Bubblewrap

    Finally stocked my 6x2x2

    cool tank (:
  14. Bubblewrap

    Eventful few days

    awww, thats such a shame:(
  15. Bubblewrap

    Can metal spoons be used to handle fish food?

    oh shame - try Doublebase then :) i hope it works for you.