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    Anyone Here Good At Naming Fish Colors

    Firstly, sorry I haven't been on in a LONG TIME, been having to work a lot. ANYWAYS, I have a tank that I set up in August, and sadly since then all the males I originally bought have died, but some of my fry have turned out to be quite stunning males, with more fry coming almost weekly. Here is...
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    Are Balloon Mollies...

    We were getting into a good conversation about this topic. Now... are Balloon Mollies, ugly or not in your opinion. :D
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    Air Softing

    I have gone air softing a lot lately and LOVE IT. I have been going for a year now. Anyone else into it?
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    My Puppers

    Here is my Ballie, a chesapeake bay retriver (don't mind my spelling errors if any :/) If I can't find her in the house, she is here, ALWAYS, SHE LOVES CRAMPED SPACES or she sprawls out on a couch. She also likes to think she is a lap puppie :D Edit: she also ALWAYS crosses her paws like...
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    Does Anyone Else Have...

    My dad just surprised me yesterday with a few new plecos and 2 beautiful albino veiltail cories. They are very pretty and very active too. I'm sorry I don't have a camera to use to take some pictures, just wondering if anyone else has some :D
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    Well, after 6 batches or so, I finally decided to take the parents out of the tank and also add some other eggs from black convict into a 20 gallon tank. The fry are now freeswimming and looking healthy. Both of the batches have formed one large group of fry. THEY ARE SOOO CUTE. Can't wait till...
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    Are There Breeding Behaviors

    I have 2 albino cories and it seems as though they are in love one minute then out the next. Sometimes they fly around the tank together and do what I call a KISS and keep following each other then seperate to eat and rest :/
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    What Type Of Livebearer Should I Get

    My dad is letting me set up the ten gallon again, as long as I keep only one type of livebearers, I am stuck, should I go with Guppies or Platies. I am leaning towards guppies myself :D
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    Is Anyone Into

    Well, watched the first episode the other day on Sci-Fi, I am in the US so it just started here, looked preeeeetty cool though :D
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    Measurement Converter

    You guys remember the thing we had going on with the all litres or all gallons as measurements. Well, if we all would use one of these, it would help a lot of people. I know it helped me convert UK gallons to US gallons :D HERE IT IS
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    Finally Took A Picture Of My Angels

    Those two are the breeding pair. There is three of them, including my only black angel, and two of the three ghost angels. Another pic of my ghost angels and the black I have had all of these for about 3 years at the most (SOME ARE OLDER THAN THE OTHERS), As I said, I have 2 breeding, the...
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    Well, I was searching through livebearers on Wikipedia and found this out. Freshwater Stingrays are considered in this group, sort of kind of. well they do give live births like other livebears. Well, that isn't definately my area of expertice :lol:
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    Finally Took A Picture

    Here's my tank :D It includes, a clown knife, 4 angels, 1 black; 3 ghost, 2 cories, and lots and lots of feeder guppies.
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    This Little Critter Is Something To Talk About!

    Okay, I am split on this one! I got it a month ago with some feeder guppies, it looks much like them, it just has a shorter body compared to its width, it also has the platy look to its face. I have 2, and they happen to be one male one female, I took a pic of the male and am still not sure. It...
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    Who is going to win :/ lets here your opinion :drool: :D
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    Anyone See Ultraviolet Yet?

    I am planning to go see it tomorrow. Is it worth seeing? :/ :/ :/
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    Anybody Into Musicals

    I loved both Rent and Wicked, but Wicked definately won by far, what are yours? Anybody? :-(
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    A Nice Playful Environment

    Well, I have seen that many people do much more successful with their livebearers and they seem to be more active if there are fun things added to their environment in your living room, bedroom, etc. . Well, as all of us know, STRESS KILLS. Ok, if, for example, you were a fish, what would you...
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    Quick Question

    What would be a good choice for a video card, I need to update and find one that is reasonably priced preferebly under $50. NOT NVIDIA, ok!!! :D
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    Miracle Workers

    The first episode of ABC's MIRACLE WORKERS comes on tonight, anyone else thinking about watching this or does it seem boring, it looks kind of interesting. :/