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  1. Fishgirluk

    Mr or Mrs bristlenose ?!

    Hi everyone, I just rehomed a red bristlenose, the guy said it’s definitely a male but I think it’s female based on the size and shapes.. I have a lemon male who is only a little bigger but has very obvious bristle. They seem to like each other too! So what do you think, is red a girl? Could...
  2. Fishgirluk

    Just one baby or more on the way?

    Hi everyone, I spotted a baby guppy a couple of days ago (please see pic.) We have 3 females and one male, I think the two red tailed girls look pregnant, just not sure if this little fry was a one off or poss more on the way?! ‍♀️ Hoping nothing is wrong with the girls. Please see photos, any...