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  1. Tom1035

    My Fatheads

    This tank is basically a fathead breeding tank, I don't spend too much time keeping it clean. I'll have to pull the gravel back from the front and scrub the algae along the bottom sometime this week. Male is slightly focused in, hard to snap photos since they move so fast. A female is right...
  2. Tom1035

    Fish Spawned Today

    My fathead's just spawned in a clay pot and I have no anti-fungal treatment to use. I moved the pot into an empty 10 gallon that was sitting around. I filled the 10 gallon up with freshly treated tap water and put in an air stone and I have it really bubbling & moving the water around. 95% of...
  3. Tom1035

    Java Moss

    Scientific name - formally known as Vesicularia dubyana, now under the name Taxiphyllum barbieri, though the taxonomy is still unresolved Common terms - Java Moss, Willow Moss Geographic origin - Asia Type (stem, bulb, rhizome, floating etc.) - Floating Max. size (height, width) - Varies...
  4. Tom1035

    Java Fern?

    I plan on adding some java fern to my 30 gallon (1.5 WPG) and my 20 gallon (1 WPG). Since the 20 gallon is a 20 long, will I be able to grow java fern fairly easily? I have grown TONS java moss in my 30 gallon with 1.5WPG and no ferts or Co2 injection. I assume java fern is the same? Insight...
  5. Tom1035

    New 4' Low Tech Planted Tank

    What are you using for fertz or injection, I assume no Co2 injection since it's low-tech, but how about ferts, if your doing neither, write me up a book on how you did it because this is my kinda tank! :D
  6. Tom1035

    Dirty Tank

    40ppm Nitrate might just be your waters normal attributes, I know my tap has 20ppm Nitrate, I just deal with it, as long as you maintain that 40ppm your fish will adapt (Most, I'm not talking about keeping discus or anything fancy). **Edit** When you go to put sand in, look up the article (It's...
  7. Tom1035


    Has anyone ever gotten them larger then 5-6 inches? Many people refuse to keep them because they are agressive, I personally love the fish, just have to keep single specimens with other faster moving fish (I.E. Giant Danios). Once he/she gets bigger I have a 100gallon ready for him/her to move...