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  1. TheTenthDoctor

    How do we know when our fish are happy/content/thriving?

    Here's how I tell if my fish are thriving. 1. Water parameters suit their species 2. Tank setup suits their species 3. Bright colors if they should have them 4. Active 5. Body relaxed, fins not clamped or not resting on the floor of the tank 6. eating well 7. breeding readily
  2. TheTenthDoctor

    Does Anybody Know Where is Colin

    This happened before.....we had a massive internet search. The mods got horrified. We called the australian turned out he was fine. Lets just give him his time. He'll wander back when he wants to
  3. TheTenthDoctor

    What else do you do?

    Just going there for the education and job stability. Then I plan to buy a small plot of land and commute to work.
  4. TheTenthDoctor

    What else do you do?

    I flip hamburgers. Once school starts I study, flip hamburgers and vegitate. For fun I ride horses and workout. I plan to attend Laramie County Community College for an associate degree in Dental Hygiene. @WhistlingBadger you live in wyoming? I can't wait to move there :)
  5. TheTenthDoctor

    Emeraldking Has Joined Our Moderator Team

    congratulations @emeraldking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. TheTenthDoctor

    Yayyy... it's my birthday...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
  7. TheTenthDoctor

    Im legally changing my name....

    Yeah....if I was her I'd have kept her maiden name. Not worth all the horrible puns. Unless he was some kinda major hot dude idk
  8. TheTenthDoctor

    Im legally changing my name....

    My brother in law had a teacher whos name was Anita. Then she got married. Her husbands name was Tissue. So her married name was Anita Tissue. Tragic
  9. TheTenthDoctor

    Taking it slow today...

    Feel better. Being sick sucks. When I get sick I drink ginger tea :)
  10. TheTenthDoctor

    Vote Now! - July 2021 Pet of the Month Contest

    This is my 6 year old boarder collie Australian shepherd mix Sofíe She wouldn’t sit still for pictures 😡
  11. TheTenthDoctor

    Happy Independence Day/Fourth of July

    Gave my dog melatonin to calm her down. But other than that I enjoyed the fireworks. I feel like they were extra big this year because its the end of COVID
  12. TheTenthDoctor

    Happy Independence Day/Fourth of July

    Taxation without representation...thats whats wrong. And the problem wasn't with us but with the dastardly king geroge III. Lol no hard feelings
  13. TheTenthDoctor

    BRUH- this is from a website called

    This is the kind of stuff that make me want to launch myself off a bridge. Good grief.....I give up....
  14. TheTenthDoctor

    Happy Independence Day/Fourth of July

    Happy Independence Day!!! So proud of our forefathers for taking up arms and winning our freedom!
  15. TheTenthDoctor

    Diseases in Betta

    Looks like bloat to me. I feed my fish defosted deshelled peas that are mashed up. It helps relieve constipation like a charm
  16. TheTenthDoctor

    Don't kiss fish

    How is that hygenic
  17. TheTenthDoctor

    Don't kiss fish

    I would never kiss any fish even if I was full of joy....some people....
  18. TheTenthDoctor

    Im legally changing my name....

    @NannaLou omg............
  19. TheTenthDoctor

    Sick Molly

    Looks like fin clamp. I'd do a 75 % water change, plus 25-50 % the following days and see if her condition gets better
  20. TheTenthDoctor your thoughts here...

    Where I live we are able to go about our daily business without masks or social distancing. Really happy about that! Finally able to work without a face diaper