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  1. TallTree01

    Upgraded betta tank: corydoras?

    Thanks Ch4rlie, good to know that my tank is a wee bit bigger than I'd previously thought. Seem to have a habit of buying weird sizes. ;) Interesting suggestion with the whiptail catfish, I don't know I've ever seen them in my location though. Will keep an eye out regardless. Those cories are...
  2. TallTree01

    Upgraded betta tank: corydoras?

    Howdy folks , Been a while since visiting this board, new children really constricting my spare time. TFFs had some changes it seems :) . A few weeks ago my most recent "micro aquarium" - home to various shrimps and small fishes over the years - started spewing nasty chemicals after the light...
  3. TallTree01

    Pearl Gourami Has A Secret

    As she is a new fish it is to be expected that she is shy and reluctant to go nuts at new food in a new environment. Give her time and she'll come around I'm sure.
  4. TallTree01

    Stocking Levels

    Whoops my bad, yes the guppies are perfect for that aquarium. Thanks Eagles, I must have skimmed over that part.
  5. TallTree01

    Stocking Levels

    It would be best, in my opinion, to find a larger aquarium for the species you have obtained. All will unfortunately outgrow your 20 gallon.
  6. TallTree01

    Honey Gourami, Khuli Loach, Neon Tetra?

    I found neon tetras to be very loose shoalers unless they were under stress. If you want a tighter more actively shoaling fish I can reccomend harlequin rasboras and rummynose tetras. I have a group of rummies at the moment and it's seldom you see them scattered around the tank and not in a...
  7. TallTree01

    Ada 75P - 140 Liter Driftwood Jungle

    This looks spectacular. Great job! :good:
  8. TallTree01

    Honey Gourami, Khuli Loach, Neon Tetra?

    That looks a fine tank. All the species are peaceful as it gets really. Best of luck with your aquarium!  Don't be alarmed if you don't see the loaches very often. I've had mine a couple years and I still only see them snaking around once or twice a day. :)
  9. TallTree01

    Merry Christmas To All

    Have wonderful holidays guys! :)
  10. TallTree01

    Aternative For Vallisneria?

    I had troubles with my Vallis too. I got so fed up with them I cut them down to their stumps as all their leaves were dead or dying. From there they grew rapidly and covered the rear of my tank. They really hate moving tanks so so often they die in new setups and people give up. Give them a few...
  11. TallTree01

    My Riffle Shrimp And Tanks!

    Yeah I'll probably add some more plants down the track, already one of the plants has died. :D The 2 keyholes layed eggs again today ( or yesterday I don't know tbh ). I've taken about 5 eggs from the nest as gently as possible and separated the eggs in a net fry breeder thingy so they don't get...
  12. TallTree01

    White Fluff On Driftwood?

    I'm having the same thing right now in my mini tank. I've had it before in newly set up aquariums and it goes away with time. I believe it's bacteria or something colonizing the wood. Nothing to worry about in my experience.
  13. TallTree01

    Ada Soil

    I didn't find my aquasoil Amazonia to alter pH much stuff all. What I did while fish less cycling my tank is leave it to seep ammonia out until the ammonia consistently read zero. It took around 2 weeks I believe. Then I continued the cycle as normal and finished it in a further couple of weeks.
  14. TallTree01

    My Riffle Shrimp And Tanks!

    Waters still a bit cloudy but it already looks nicer than the old tank did. Not too sure about what plants I bought, they seem like the sort of plants that I will kill with my toxic brown thumb over the coming months. They look good for the time being though. Not sure if I want to fertilize this...
  15. TallTree01

    Why Are People So... ?

    What would inspire a person to lay freshly killed fish across their face? I don't understand. Forget ethics, that'd be gross.
  16. TallTree01

    My Riffle Shrimp And Tanks!

    The eggs were eaten as expected a few days ago. Maybe next time they'll have better luck. :dunno: I was the LFS today and happened upon a very reasonable bargain of a buy. I've decided to upgrade my little shrimp tank to a slightly larger tank with better lights and filter. It seemed I was...
  17. TallTree01

    Easy Aggressive Fish To Take Care Of

    I agree with convict cichlids, nasty pieces of work.
  18. TallTree01

    My Riffle Shrimp And Tanks!

    Here is the happy couple guarding their eggs. Female below the wood, male on the top. Large clutch of eggs seen on the driftwood. Female below again. Female below. I've done some reading, the eggs usually take between 3-5 days to hatch and are free swimming a few days after hatching. I don't...
  19. TallTree01

    My Riffle Shrimp And Tanks!

    They're very cool Nick! :) It's always rewarding to see the fishes thriving. :good: I have most phenomenal news to share, today my keyhole cichlids have layed eggs! A beautiful clutch of about 100 tiny little white eggs appeared on the driftwood in plain sight between 9am and 3 pm today. I'll...
  20. TallTree01

    Biorb Question

    I had a biorb for a few years and never had a healthy fish get sucked into the filter. The filter really isn't very strong at all and I doubt it could suck up and kill any fish that weren't on their way out. I found some of my fish liked to nose around in the gravel looking for food. It is...