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  1. *pete*

    My new sorority

    Interesting thread and great set up NickAu. I'm thinking about creating a Betta sorority myself sometime. I was wondering what would happen should they come into breeding condition, do they get egg bound ?
  2. *pete*

    Ramshorn snail question.

    Too far to travel from Luton and my order has been posted. Very nice of you to offer though nic1.
  3. *pete*

    Ramshorn snail question.

    Thank you for replying guys, I have had them in the past in tanks with pea gravel substrate and don't recall any damage to plants. I was more concerned if they would be okay with play sand substrate. I really want some so decided to go ahead and placed an order with a breeder for 10 red and 25...
  4. *pete*

    Ramshorn snail question.

    Are they suitable for a tropical planted set up with play sand substrate ?
  5. *pete*

    Oh No, No Ono

    An essential piece of my Aqaurium maintenance kit, holds a standard saftey razor blade. Tried other designs but found this one by Allgarde brand to work the best.
  6. *pete*

    Hagen/fluval 3 Replacment Foam.

    For any other members who might be in need of these...   I gave up trying to source a supplier ages ago and came across this company by chance. I took delivery today and its good to have the...
  7. *pete*

    Eggs Hatching Video!

    Facinating... great video.
  8. *pete*

    55Gal Goal Is Planted, Peaceful

      Gemstones sound good and in keeping with a natural organic look.   Yeah! I've loved Bowie from way back in the 70s... and for as long as I've had Aquariums... Just one of his many original Space Cadets!!!  lol.
  9. *pete*

    55Gal Goal Is Planted, Peaceful

    Most of us get your exitment at adding new plants, thats the joy of TFF where we can advise, share even show off our tanks and fish knowing it will be appreciated by at least some on here!   Hows the Water Horse doing?
  10. *pete*

    Happy Easter T F F!

      Amen to that... Happy Easter.
  11. *pete*

    My 40 Gal South American Tank

    Very nice... likey the contrasting substrate effect, what did you use ?
  12. *pete*

    Convict Aggression

    Dither fish!... Convicts will breed in a bucket... good luck with rehoming the fry!!!
  13. *pete*

    My New Favourite Shoal!

    You have to grow your own!   Search youtube for tutorials and ebay for a starter culture... they're very cheap/easy to grow/cultivate.
  14. *pete*

    My New Favourite Shoal!

    New to me too.... nice small shoaling fish, good luck with breeding them.   Microworms!
  15. *pete*

    New Angel Fish.

    Picked them up from a local breeder last Saturday...     ...they're about the size of a 50 pence piece and settling in well...     ...feasting on Cherry shrimp and Guppy fry !!!
  16. *pete*

    My New Project For A Local Charity.

      I second that !!! they look much better in person and tight school to boot!
  17. *pete*

    48" Nano

    Mmmm... the Hornwort in my 18" has put a spurt on and the Java fern is algaed out since switching to LED but hoping things will balance out with shade.     Still early days for the 3 footer and I still really like the overall look/ripple effect in and above it.
  18. *pete*

    Help, Fish/snail Tank Is Infested With Leaches/baby Worms

    Good grief... never seen the like in all the years I've had aquariams, made me feel quite sick !!!
  19. *pete*

    What Are You Listening To?

    David Bowie-Blackstar.