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    What You Think ?

    Hi all , I currently have a 4ft light glow tank not sure on water capacity , and there is only 2 syno catfish in at the moment and some kuhli loach which my sister purchased at first i thuoght the kuhlis wouldnt last 2 minutes but as i have pipes running in the gravel in the tank they seem to be...
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    Micro Sized Fish

    Gill !! Your Back Nice To Hear From You Again :) And Cant Wait For Pics :D Regards Tropicman.
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    Racing Pigeons

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    Racing Pigeons

    Just As The Title Says Just Curious If Anyone Else Raced Pigeons If So Where ? Would Love To Share Info Etc :)
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    Cherry & Tiger Shrimp For Sale

    <b>where are you maybe able to pick up :)
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    My Tanks + Fish

    akon on the Tv had to be the first to point that out :P
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    Few Pictures Of My Tank!

    Love Your Vallis Big And Lush Great Tank :good: Love Your Vallis :good:
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    Pics Of My New Fish

    Whats The Fish In The Third And Fourth Pic I fink :D ? Regards Tropicman
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    Any Fisherman/women On Here?

    My Pb :good: 24 lb Mirror [/img]
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    Liverpool Beating Man U 13.09.08

    No man utd fans boastin about there belovid one man team yet thats odd :lol:
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    Man Utd making the biggest mistake signing Berbatov he is a lazy player, and is not worth 31 million at all , fergie said keane wasn't worth 20 million wait till he settles in he will prove him wrong i guarantee it mark my words :lol: and for those who think liverpool cant challenge for the...
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    Liverpool FC 2-1 Boys maybe next fixture eh :lol:
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    Any Fisherman/women On Here?

    Im an angler as well and i love to go out on the local lakes and canals and rivers and have been deep sea fishing a numerous of times now and have done since i was 4 years old and thats all i really know in life as well as football, FishKeeping and My Profession a Dj :good:
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    Anyone Interested In Re-homing.....

    It is possible to put weather loaches in Tropical Tanks its just like any other coldwater fish their growth rate will increase and be a much faster process :good:
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    Pacific Abyss

    Half of the fish actually died by the looks but to discover new species you have to run tests so some fish will die :\
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    Pacific Abyss

    Missed it last night but just caught it on BBC iPLayer Brill Watch Thanks to Minxfishy for pointing it out :good: Regards Tropicman
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    Meet Crabhead

    im not trying to be the forum police your all singling out a man who for all you know may well be ill and yeah what he is saying might not always appear to be true to some of you guys which i can understand but making such a big deal over it i dont understand but anyways im off i cannot...
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    Meet Crabhead

    sorry mate silly little comments like "Mate, you're 3 months older then me. Don't try to be a keyboard warrior, it doesnt make you look hard." do not appear to be on the agenda here on this forum so if you have a problem with me or what i am sayin pm me about it not make silly little comments...
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    Meet Crabhead

    nope it isnt you child
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    Meet Crabhead

    "Well i reckon all of us on this thread should get together and head down to the rehab centre, make peace with each other and chill out" QUOTE (Gill @ Aug 5 2008, 08:10 PM) If you need any help let us know, there are plenty of people who will help you. If you need anything medically let me...