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    Red Worms?

    Yesterday, I found a 4" long red worm crawling up the side of the tank out of the water. It's really red, like a Red Wiggler earthworm. It's not flat. It's not a tubifex or blackworm. Today, i found about 12 more. When put in a jar, they don't form a ball (as tubifex do). They motivate...
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    Dwarf Puffers: How much do they eat?

    I'm going to have to leave the fish for a week without food since I don't trust my friends/petsitters to do it right. I intend to clean all the tanks before leaving so that should not be a problem. The dwarf puffers seem to metabolize fast so i assume they cannot go for a week without food (as...
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    DWARF Puffers: Surfers?

    We've had our little dwarf puffers for about 6 weeks now and they seem to be doing fairly well. However, they are in an Eclipse tank so the water current is pretty strong. The puffers tend to stay lost in the plants and behind the rocks/pots so we don't get to see them that well. So, do dwarf...
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    New bettas

    We have bettas at work and they always get left unattended over the weekend (although there are people there at work, we don't ask them to do fish). Just make sure the bowl has been given a 100% water change on Friday and that he has been eating regularly all week. DON'T FEED HIM EXTRA ON...
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    my trio

    Like human meds, you should only use a med when it is needed or the baddies start to develop immunities to it and then won't respond when you do need to medicate. Plus you are wasting your money and could be compromising your fish's natural defenses. Most of hte time, keeping hte water clean...
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    How to Sanitize Live Plants

    We keep floating watersprites, java moss, some other miscellaneous floating plants in all of our tanks. What we'd like to know is if anyone can suggest some easy but effective way to sanitize live plants. We don't want to put plants from one tank into another without making sure they are not...