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    your opinions and experiences

    heres the thing my life is moving fast right now i'm completley smitten in love and my boyfriend (soon to be fiance, hehehe i overheard) and i are planning on moving in together this won't be happening for another 7-8 months as he needs to pay off his truck loan and save extra money one of our...
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    anyone have decent information on bichir senegals? i'm sick of the "wild" information i need accurate aquarium species information :/
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    i'm so bored

    yeah for no particutlar reason heres me!
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    I'm so bored

    *sigh* i'm soooooooooo bored :blink:
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    For those of you that enjoy my smut in chat

    sorry to take so long on posting my pics this is for my minions in chat and everyone else that knows me i finally go a web cam! *does a little dance* now, let my face haunt you in your dreams :P MWAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!
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    OH MY GOD! EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!&

    oh my god! what the hell! i was just about to clean my fish tank and i have my kribensis in a breeding net so that he doesn't harm any more fish (i plan to give him back to the store tomorrow) and all over the breeding net were thousands of bugs they look like fleas they aren't in the water...
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    someone has been snacking on my fish!

    i have a 55gallon tank housing: 1 Marble Angel 3 Platy 2 Bronze Cory 1 Peppered Cory 1 Spotted Cory 3 White Cloud 1 Blue Gourami 1 Golden Gourami 1 Flying Fox 1 upside down catfish 1 Kribensis 1 Bolivian Ram 1 Balloon Bolivian Ram 3 Khuli loaches 1 Yoyo loach 1 Weather loach well...
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    i'm going to throw up

    last night i was driving when the car in front of me slammed on their brakes and swerved i slammed on mine and when we he started to drive again the poor man was driving very slow and shakey, then i saw what had upset him i had to hit my brakes a second time as an obviously domestic rabbit(our...
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    There is no hope for my dog

    i seriously fear for my dog, she obviously has gone insane yesterday she was pounding and pounding on all the back doors and windows and along the walls ((and she's a big girl so her body weight thrown against even the steal back door sounded like she was gunna break through) she hadn't been...
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    we just discovered my dogs true potential

    my dog samantha, a golden labrador and large breed samoyed cross who weighs over 150lbs is a freaking tank she is the sweetest dog if you know her more then devoted she would put her life in front of yours to save you any day this dog would be happy to spend every waking minute by your side no...
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    fish can be so cruel

    my 55gallon tank has been nicely balanced and peaceful and the water quality is perfect everyone was alive and well.... except one :crazy: i was cleaning my tank when i noticed an extra little head poking out the top with the platies sure enough it was my crowntail femail betta my pride and...
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    i've been inspired

    i have been inspired, thanks to a very dedicated bird owner, and member of our forum, jess :thumbs: in the loving memory of Yoshi my guinea pig i would love to adopt an animal from a rescue i am leaning towards birds but i am very open to anything, providing i feel i can fulfill its every...
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    what a nightmare

    last night, as most of you know, my beloved guinea pig died for those of you that aren't following, the original post is SEEN HERE you would not believe what i have just witnessed :-( my brother hopped our fence where there is a small creek and many blackberry bushes to dig poor Yoshi a grave...
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    MYTH OR FACT??????????

    a good friend of mine has a 5" dojo loach in her 33gallon that has obviously outgrown its enviroment she was over today and was admiring my beautiful 55gallon long setup when she asked if i would rehome her dojo into my tank i agreed, as i have a bit of extra space to spare unfortunatley i have...
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    sometimes life can be so cruel

    i'm so depressed my 4 year old guinea pig Yoshi, is not doing well at all for those of you that follow my posts, a few months ago (i think thats how long ago it happened) he was sick i believed he was dying but i hand fed him and syringe fed him vitamin water i cradled him in my arms every...
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    i think i'm gunna be sick

    well for those of you that don't know, i just recently got a 55 gallon (about 2-3 weeks ago) i did not have room to have it running to cycle before adding the contents of both of my 20gallon tanks so i drained the tanks and added the 2 sponges and 2 carbons from the 20gallons to the 55gallon ...
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    beneficial bacteria

    how long does it survive? does it need an airstone to survive? cause i've had my new tank set up for 3 days (roughly) and i planned on taking socks and filling them with the old gravel and putting them in the new tank problem is, the tank has not been running in those 3 days it is half full of...
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    here it is! :D :wub: isn't she beautiful? my first 55gallon tank :hyper: i am going to plant it so it looks a little naked but thats ok! :*) :thumbs: i'll give you guys updated pics when i do plant it not bad eh? :flex:
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    how many watts per gallon????

    i have just obtained a new 55gallon tank and i very much want to plant it (heavily) so whats the verdict? how many watts per gallon do i need to plant it? i am so sick of low light plants :< right now the 55gallon has 2 X 55watt bulbs = 110Watts is that enough? :blink:
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    what now?

    i have a bit of a problem i got my new 55gallon tank home but the guy didn't have time to clean it the gravel is REALLY dirty so he scooped most of it out and put it in bags :crazy: how do i go about cleaning it quickly and efficiently without completely eliminating the beneficial bacteria and...