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  1. Bekahsa

    Help, Fish/snail Tank Is Infested With Leaches/baby Worms

    I have never seen this before, so this is my first time dealing with this.   I knew my gravel was in bad condition because I hadn't vacuum cleaned yet, as I was having problems with water clarity and I didn't want to vacuum up my Cory Julii baby fish, so I waited.  My tank started getting this...
  2. Bekahsa

    Plants For Freshwater Fish Aquarium

    Hi guys,   Just wanted to know if anyone can tell me why are all my plants are dying?     The only plant I have been able to keep alive in my aquarium is the Amazon sward which I got from the pet store.  All other plants I have bought, has perished.  I need these plants to keep my fish and snail...
  3. Bekahsa

    Worm In Snail!

    Hi,   Is anyone familiar with worms in snails?  I just extracted a worm by mistake from one of my snails.  All I did was hold a spinach leaf to one of my snails and onto the spinach leaf a worm came and I immediately took it out of the water.   Is there anything or something I can give my snails...
  4. Bekahsa

    Planted Aquarium With Fish Problem

    Hi everyone,   So I have a small problem or maybe a problem that is causing my fish to get sick.   I recently added a few plants to my aquarium, and the water will not stay clear, it's mucky and then it will turn kinda of green.  I have had one Julii Cory die already, and another is sick with...
  5. Bekahsa

    I Need Help Fast

    What is the remedy for a salt bath for my cory who has cotteny growth on her fins and now the top of her head.  It has spread over night.   I know it's 2 cups of tank water, but unsure of the amount of salt.
  6. Bekahsa

    Hello Guys! :)

    Hi, Well...I'm an animals lover, so I don't only have fish, but I have 5 cats (Mahte male), (Tincabel), (Cheetah male), (Bangel male), and (Storm female) of which one of them (Puma, male) had Feline Leukemia and I was able to keep him alive for almost 10 years.  He was only 6 months old when I...