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    White fuzz/mould on filter intakes question

    Hi, last week i woke up to find all the filter intakes had white fuzz pouring out of them (never saw this before in the year or so which ive kept fish) I removed the filter then and there and cleaned it all (the filter sponge itself had a coating of snot clear like substance all over it) the...
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    sick peacock gudgeon since xmas day

    hi, ive posted about said sick fish on here recently, but theres still no change to her condition, ive had her in a breeding cage since xmas day, just took her out today and gave her her first epsom salt bath in which she just sat at the bottom of the gallon bucket for 30 mins, i tried fasting...
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    AqAdvisor filter question

    Ive been using this for a while now my filters aint listed in the dropdown menu anymore for some reason but when i put user defined it asks how many litres they are, i have the All Pond Solutions 600IF Aquarium Internal Filter, 600 Litre/ Hour...
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    treating swimbladder from today question

    hi guys, on christmas day i noticed my peacock gudgeon was swimming on her side and sinking to the bottom then swimming upright etc so i did what i normally did in the past and put her in a breeding cage with mossballs etc to stop her feeding on flake in the hopes she just needed to fart (every...
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    Bluefin Notho Killifish

    Hi, has anyone had experience with these fish? I fancied buying 2 to brighten up the tank a little along with some blue neon gobys and another peacock goby, but from what ive been reading they only eat live foods which i dont have access too, was wondering if anyone managed to get away with...
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    heater problem question

    hey, I bought a heater ( ) around 3 months ago but only started to actually plug it in at the end of the summer as the room temp was in mid 20s anyway, its been working fine since with a constant 24 degrees, however when i woke up today i...
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    Infertile cory eggs

    hi all, I moved my albino cory into my smaller tank (10g) last month as she was a little too boisterous for my smaller schooling fish in my bigger tank (30g), and kept making them all too skittish. other fish that i had in my smaller tank were 3 guppys. not long ago i noticed a lot of eggs...
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    guppy swim bladder disease

    Hi all, my blue tuxedo has been struggling the last few days with swim bladder disease, hes sat on top of the filter atm, He tries to swim a little then kinda just floats vertically, hes still eating etc though which is not ideal, im just wondering if it will be safe to take him out and fill a...
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    Filter water current question

    Hi, my tank is 80cm/35cm/40cm and is 94% stocked according to but it did say my 90litre filter was not enough for that ammount of fish (tetras, rasboras, small barbs etc) so I just bought another filter (110 litre) to go with my 90. all pond solutions 400IF and 600IF...
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    possible algae help

    Hi does anyone know if all this brown stuff on my gravel/plants is algae? It coats the glass aswell which is easy removed, but the gravel not so much using a gravel suction cleaner and its making my aquarium look a bit of a mess, everytime I googled what it looks like the search pointed me to...
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    KH dropped

    Hi, so I finally set up my bigger tank and planted it etc (still waiting to add fish) and checked my parameters which were: Gh 120 down from 180 Kh 0 down from 80 Ph 6.5 down from 7 no2 and no3 0 My question is the 0 Kh, is this ok? if not how can I raise it? thanks :)
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    plant fertilizer help

    Hi, Im getting closer to setting up my 90 litre tank with plants for a better natural enviroment for my fish, I was planning on buying some TNC complete, however when I got to the checkout I saw there was TNC lite (no nitrates or phosphate) for the same price, I think im right at guessing that...
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    Water parameter help please

    Hi are the following parameters ok? GH 180 KH 80 PH 7.0 No2 0 No3 0 For the last 4-5 weeks my water has had a yellow tint to it, a rather big tint, Ive upped my water changes to 2x20% per week but the yellowness remains, about 30 minutes ago I did a 50% change and took those readings 5 minutes...
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    Is this water colour normal?

    Hi again, 2 weeks ago I lost 3 little fish which I posted about on here and I ended up panicking and did a whole new tank clean as the water looked yellow and wernt sure if that was to blame for the fish loss then started fresh (with quick start + tap safe etc) that was a week gone wednesday...
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    Maybes having an emergency

    Hi again. Im starting to worry atm, Im losing fish rather quickly this last week. First, one of my two X Ray Tetras started to lose his balance on monday, I sadly found him dead the following day, the other guy looked perfectly fine untill I noticed the same similarities with his swimming on...
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    Does anyone know what those 2 black circles are on a tank im thinking about buying?

    its for sale on a local selling page, but im not too sure what those circles are for, is it a repair?
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    whitespot help

    hello, first of all im newish to keeping tropical fish, but last friday i noticed my black molly had a whitespot on his side (didnt even know what whitespot was till i googled it) i read you can buy medicine from any petstores which i did the following day. It says use 5ml of it for my tank...