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  1. enchanted

    Our Tanks

    Figured since I was back I should probably post pictures of our tanks. First, we have a Planted 125 Gallon. It's only been up around a week so the plants haven't fully settled in yet, but will. I won't bore you with a picture of our Algae Infested, no fish, 46 Gallon bowfront right now...
  2. enchanted

    Been A While, But I'm Back

    I see the forums have changed quite a bit. New colors, not sure how well I like it. :( I kind of liked the blue w/ the fish for posts. :( Well, after having to sell all my tanks a few years ago I'm back. Actually I've been back since March just forgot about this form. :P I currently have a...
  3. enchanted

    Need Ideas - 46g Bowfront

    Well, the tank is setup. I have 4 sword plants in it at the moment along with 2 pieces of driftwood, 2 Sunset Fire Gouramis and 3 Bronze Cory's. Now, I know I need to wait for the tank to cycle before doing anything else, but I'm sitting here at a loss. I'm looking for recommendations on...
  4. enchanted

    Back After A Long Siesta

    Well, after moving two years ago into a studio apartment I had to give up my tanks. Well, I moved into a house in October and finally today have a new tank. It's not up yet, but it's here. All I need now is a proper light (looking at a CoraLife 1x96W) and some good Substrate. It's a 46...
  5. enchanted

    Been a while....

    I've been gone a while because I was put into a position I had to move and ended up moving to a smaller house. I had to sell my 125 Gallon, along with my 2 55 Gallons, my 30 gallon, etc.... I'm down to a single 29 Gallon which I haven't setup yet, but have found I have room to setup a 55...
  6. enchanted

    Help needed from Fluval Canister Owners!

    I went to do my water change tonight and noticed my flow was off considerably from what it should be and was just trickeling. I immediately checked for any leaks or any wet spots and found none. Now, here is my problem. At the moment if I tear it apart I have no way to restart it. I recieved...
  7. enchanted

    More tank shots

  8. enchanted


    Well, I almost spent $15.00 at Petsmart on a background, but decided not to. On my way home I stopped by a paint shop, had a talk with them, and picked up a $1.91 can of spray paint. I haven't used a 1/16th of the can and I'm on the first coat, but take a look at this! :)...
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    For post in DIY With Flash: Without Flash:
  10. enchanted

    New Community Members

    Well, I got my lonely little black phantom three new mates today. :) You will have to excuse the guppys. They think anything that comes into the tank either is food or has to do with them. LOL
  11. enchanted

    Python Products

    Sunday my pump stripped AGAIN. I was extremely angry and emailed python. I was blunt and said that unless they changed there pump design I would be discontinuing use of their product because it was easier to syphon and refill with a hose than deal with a pump that keeps stripping out and...
  12. enchanted

    Camera Back and new Pictures!

    Here is the tank w/ and w/out flash: Here is how it looked as of 11-14 Now for some cory juvie pictures. :d:D There are three in this picture, if you can find them all. :lol: Here is a bronze cory fry:
  13. enchanted

    stocking question

    Would 9 Dwarf Gouramis in a 125 Gallon be a problem? I want honeys gouramis, but also want some more sunset fire and neons. :/ Any info appreciated. Thanks
  14. enchanted

    Advice Needed please

    About 12 days ago I purchased 2 black phantom tetras and an oto from Petco. I noticed some strange swimming from one of the tetras on day one, but chalked it up to the trip home (long trip on bus. :/). Well, I have no discovered it was not due to the long trip home and I have a 95% positive ID...
  15. enchanted

    Whirling Disease

    If anyone has any personal experience or more information on this disease please post it. The only relevant aquarium information I have found was provided in Emergencies: Thanks
  16. enchanted

    Wolf Pack Guppys?

    Alright, I spoil my fish rotten and now it seems to be showing. All of my guppys are over 2" in length and they are almost acting teritorial? These are 10 Adult Guppys (2 Male and 8 Female) in a 6' 125 Gallon tank. First, they chase corys away from algae wafers and cory wafers, and no it...
  17. enchanted

    Funky tetra

    I have a Black Phantom Tetra and I really shouldn't be cracking up over this, but it is hillarious to watch. I have had her (it is a female) since the 15th of this month (12 days now). When I first got them the backup trip didn't seem to do this one well. I got her into the main tank and she...
  18. enchanted

    Need Guidance

    I lost my Gourami today. He was actually my favorite fish overall in the tank. Before anyone goes asking questions I will answer probably all of them: No external signs or symptoms. No actions of stress yesterday Water parameters are checked daily and average amm 0 nitri 0 nitrate 5 to 8 PH...
  19. enchanted

    By Popular demand

    I've been getting a lot of request for tank pictures today on IRC so I thought I would post a few of tanks come and gone old/new, etc.... :) Here was the first tank I started with for me back in August. It wasn't my "first" tank I have worked on or cared for, but it was the first tank I have...
  20. enchanted

    Stocking opinions

    I would like opinions on what I have come down to for my 125 Gallon. If any one has any recommendations, changes, please say so. 10 Guppys 24 Corys 4 Kuhli Loaches 6 Otos 12 Black Phantom Tetras 6 Gouramis (Sunset Fire and Neon Blue (1 male/2female each) So far I have Adult 10 Guppys 7 Corys...