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    Model Building

    Well, I do own a few N scale and LGB trains. ;) I'm, currently, trying to figure out a way to put up an N scale layout around my room. I think it would be cool to be able to "deliver" food to my fish that way...It's a germ of an idea, but one I would LOVE to make reality. :) I'm sure my...
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    Model Building I haven't been around for awhile. Been trying to help a couple of model building sites get off the ground. One, doomed to failure, has gone by the way side already. But, the above one is getting up a good head of steam, if anyone's...
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    Overstocking Good Or Bad?

    I try to never overstock a tank, but I always try to overfilter one. ;) It makes cleanings easier. Right now, I try to run 1 cannister, or HOB, filter and 1 sponge filter. I find the sponges are good for biological filters, and the other two types are very good at mechanical cleaning. Saves me...
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    Looking To Use Slate

    Personally, I use slate in my tanks with granite rocks, as kind of a cave like structure. But, for ease of maintainence I never glue/silicone anything together. Besides, when I want to mess with the fish, or find them, I remove stuff down until I see fish. I wouldn't superglue anything in a...
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    Got Bn Eggs!

    Cool pictures. I wish I could get mine to stay still long enough to take a picture. LOL Mine's a species only tank, so the fishies have no reason to fear anything. LOL Congrats on the spawn
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    Sweet Potato

    I would soften it a bit. I've found that 1 minute in the microwave is usually good for doing that. :) I do it with zucchini, but sweet potato is good to, from what I hear.
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    Breeding Convict Cichlids

    When I had mine...thankfully, they have been given to another happy owner now, I put 4 of them together, 2 males and 2 females. I let them pair off. Unfortunately, they did that one night, and killed the other 2 while I was sleeping. :( If you provide a big enough place for them to run in, and...
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    Oscar Wont Eat Anything But Meat

    I'm with Naughtygirlw on this one. That's what I did. Wehn I bought my Oscar, he wouldn't eat pellets at all. So, I stopped feeding him anything but. If he didn't eat the couple I dropped in, I just cclosed the lid. After a couple of days of that, and a few more of his eating and sulking, he...
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    Non Agressive Cats For A Community

    I have 3 bajos in with some danios. They seem to exist in perfect harmony. :D
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    Mental Albino Corys

    Yeah, corys are notoriously curious. I can't pass by my tank without, at least, one of them wondering what I'm doing. And, don't vacuum the tank...That really gets the whole tank going. LOL
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    Good/bad Substrate For Corys?

    I've found that small gravel works. Just make sure that it isn't very abrasive or sharp. As Cory_Dad said, their barbels are sensitive, and very easy to damage. ;)
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    Convict Fry!

    I just got rid of my convict pair. So, you have my condolesences....err congratulations. ;) LOL Honestly, when I was feeding my babies...I just fed them the same thing I fed Momma and Daddy, pellets. What seemed to happen, with mine anyway, they would break the pellets into pieces the babies...
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    Expert Fish Keepers....

    I just had a fish die last night. :( I don't consider myself an expert by an means. Here's what happened though. A month or so ago, I bought a chaca chaca catfish. I tried pelletized food, krill, everything I could think of, but he wouldn't eat anything that didn't move. So, I started...
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    Moving House

    This is what I did, at the beginning of February, to 5 big tanks (2 29, 1 40, 1 55, and 1 75): Items you need: 1)empty water buckets (The kind you get from the pet store for making water to age). 2) 5 gallon containers ( I used Rubbermaid rectangle containers.) You'll be putting various parts...
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    Small Tank, Which Pleco?

    I would go bristlenose...but, that's just cuz they are my favorite. As for Common.................. in a word....... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Commons get to be about 12 to 18 inches long. You don't want that in there, since it will outgrow the tank, period.
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    What Will U Recommend?

    ^^^^^ You can't find a fish that will eat waste. What you can do is heavily plant the tank. Plants will take care of the nitr(a/i)te (I forget whether it's nitrate or nitrite) buildup. But, even then, you will have to do a little cleaning. In my Krib tank, I am planning on cleaning the gravel...
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    Kribs Sex?

    Female Kribs have nice pink bellies. It can get to be hot pink, if they are really in the mood. LOL ;) Males don't carry that pink trait. My pairs are running around in a heavily planted tank with coconut shell halves for caves.
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    Bristlenose Feeding

    I have yet to find a veggie they won't eat. LOL Peas, beans, peppers, zucchini...they will devour it. I also put in some algae wafers as well, just to be sure.
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    Pleco Not Doing It's Job

    You could scrape it off. Honestly, I do that with my Common. Honestly, he's developed into a lazy good-for-nothing. LOL He used to take care of the algae, now...he just works a couple of small spots, and hides underneath the heater. I'd get him a friend, Oscar would eat it for sure...
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    Which Tank For Otos?

    I would put them in the plant tank, and add more friends. :) The more the merrier with them. ;) As for Amanos with careful. My girlfriend is a betta nut, and I have one myself. Of those, I have found 5 that have a taste for shrimp, and they won't hesitate. As a result...I keep my...