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  1. modaz

    Netty Your Fish Is A Wimp

    VAX im on about, what a nightmare to spawn but the sweetest little thing I've had in ages :good: hows your lot doing? any luck with spawning them?
  2. modaz

    Whos Gunna Be The First One To Tell This Breeder Off?

    ebay uk 180348755966. cant believe my eyes, just read all of it and tell me whats wrong. and if your on here breeder, you should be ashamed of yourself.
  3. modaz

    Pets And Paranormal Activities!

    I used to live in different house when Diva was a puppy and she was always freaked out by the stairs in the early hours of the morning! there used to be something on the stairs frequently, I saw it a few times, it was just a slight and very faint shadow and you could hear someone walking up the...
  4. modaz

    Do You Remember The Days When You First Got Into Bettas

    Mine was thinking that the eggs were actually suppose to go inside the bubble, couldnt for the life of me wonder why they were stuck to the outside :hyper: and thought i had a major problem going on............. :blush: i did it was me :lol:
  5. modaz

    What A Pair

    Ive recently started another spawn, the female was with another male and she dropped her eggs and put them all in the nest, he aint them later as none were fertile as they didnt wrap. He was great with her and she was too. Ive added her to her sibling brother and I've never seen anything like...
  6. modaz

    Whats You Fav Paranormal Freaky Film?

    Mine is FREQUENCY, just think its great, would be nice to talk to any family member in the past or future and change the course of fate. I would go back in time and talk to myself and give myself a few lectures on WHAT NOT TO DO :blink: ..... :lol:
  7. modaz

    Secret Spawn Updates & 1 For Laurafrog To See

    Heres some more pics of my secret spawn. here are the males sadly passed away the other week after a feed, think he choked by the look of him. So gutted. His brother from about 2 months ~ present day. and then his sister from this to this she will be spawned with the male above her and...
  8. modaz

    Swear Filter May Need Updating

    Ive just posted and used a 4 letter word that I thought would be #### out but it wasnt so i edited and did it myself. May need to look at the filter at some point :good: sorry my keyboard has turrets.............
  9. modaz

    Eastenders Omg!

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gutted :no: . Can you believe I spent 7 months clued to it and I'm really not happy that they've killed off poor Danielle, now im gunna be glued to it for ages waiting for that final bit of revenge that Ronnie gives her father. God I so wish I could act, I...
  10. modaz

    Diva Has Some Wierd Habits And Tastes

    I used to let my dog out and she would sniff around for ages before going to the toilet but recently she had started to smell the daffs in the back garden and is getting rather obsessed by them. When I take her for a walk off the lead shes on the search for flowers. You know when a dog smells a...
  11. modaz

    Ohhh Found A Suprise One

    He came from my Orange HM line, a nice orange marbling starting to develop on body and his fins. He's got a great tail, flares to just short of halfmoon so far, now its deciding which female sibling to cross him with. :blink:
  12. modaz


    got someone to help me with my bettas, can now get the imports coming back in...........finally.........for future reference guys and gals, DONT try to run a business, put together a website, do ebay and get imported bettas in at the same time. ITS A NIGHTMARE!!!! :rolleyes: . Thought I would be...
  13. modaz

    Meet My New Boy

    His name is TOASTA and also got a matching female, vertually identical called KETAL :lol: :lol: got bored with names so went for something a bit wierd. Ketal is still in her tank until they are ready to be conditioned, her tank is badly scratched so unable to get a decent pic of her. These came...
  14. modaz

    Free 5 Female Bettas ~ Uk

    Ive got 2 HMs and 3 CT females, not good enough to sell but good enough to rehome, I kept them for spawning and they each had a little battering from males so their fins are not perfect, will spawn again if needed as none over 9 months old. Just pay postage cost of £8.25, desperately need the...
  15. modaz

    Check Out These New Ones

    on ebay uk item # 170310466412 now these are what I call top quality bettas.
  16. modaz

    Dear Grandma Netty And Grandpa Bronze

    Heres some of your future grandbettas courtesy of Vax and nameless female. (its even more fun when you dont ask their name LOL)
  17. modaz

    All Together Now! Scream....

    SPAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWN :shout: you little devils. Got a male and female who are ready to spawn and have been together on and off for the past week or so and not a single wrap, shout as load as you can and maybe, just maybe they will hear you too. :grr: :/ :blink: its their first time...
  18. modaz

    Dog Harness

    I need a dog harness for the car but both ebay and pets at home are not giving me the right product for Diva (my dog) she's a staffy with a 26.5" girth and 16.5" neck and ideally i dont want one that goes too high on the neck. Would need to be padded in some way as gotta protect my little girl...
  19. modaz

    Strange You May Think But...

    Could the Mods and William consider having a Paranormal Phenomena section in the hobby forum please? I know its something that some people don't believe in but some people do and since I spend most of my spare time on the forum I personally would like to see something like this which interests...
  20. modaz

    Not So Secret Spawn Updated Picture

    you can clearly see in this picture, all fry are starting to develop the same tails, this one im convinced will be male but it could be female. The crowntail that i crossed into is now coming through very nicely, and from what i can see this boy is going to be atleast a triple ray, what im...