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  1. pippoodle

    Newly Hatched Cory Fry Pics - And Vid

    Newly hatched cory fry - bronze and albino - hatched in a 2 litre tub with airstone then transferred over to 30 litre tank (betta spawning tank - not being used at the mo)
  2. pippoodle

    Another Spade Tail - Vegas

    just discovered another male spade tail - this one is cambodian colouring - spade doesnt show well in piccy - will post better pics when he's settled in the 2ltr tub another pic bit rubbish but never mind
  3. pippoodle

    New - Amigo - Red/black Butterfly Hm

    Best pics i can get - he is amazing but dont want his piccy taken today lol - got him from kelly at betta bred - hubby has named him Amigo
  4. pippoodle

    New - Ashino - Blue Rt Hm Betta

    Here's a pic of my lovely new RT male
  5. pippoodle

    My New Red And White Hm Bettas

    Jalapeno (after the red pepper) Muraco (meaning white moon) Have 2 more males and 2 more females new today will post pics later or tomorrow
  6. pippoodle

    New Pics Spade Tail Betta -quite Rare Now

    Here's my spade tail baby boy - well he's not much of a baby 8 weeks old and over inch and half :) sorry crappy pics still not got camera charger will try for a flare pic - it looks brilliant in a flare - completely like a spade from deck of cards
  7. pippoodle

    Couple More Of My Homegrowns

    they are both 8-9 weeks old 1 - first pics what he looked like 2 weeks ago now 2
  8. pippoodle

    4 New Males And 2 New Females On Way

    black and red BF HM White platinum male HM Here's the other 4 i've just purchased Blue hmRT bright red HM Ladies are both ct's
  9. pippoodle

    Rip Hero-rescue Dt

    Here's Hero - he's nearlly 4 years old - see topic Hero - my gorgeous Rescue boy - He's nearlly 4 and since getting him he's had lots of regrowth and gone really colourful Over the last few days - he has refused to eat ,still pooping though...
  10. pippoodle

    Ohm Yellow

    in this pic you can see the OHM - it's only when he gets to full flare the rest show him at hm back to crappy cam - other one flat lol
  11. pippoodle

    Updated -bubba(bubblegum) And Emmy Rtbf Pair

    Rosetail male and BFRT female - sibling pair Male - no flare pics yet as letting him settle Tank and piccy of the shrimp i added to try him with lol Female - she's hiding in sorority (300litre) so hard to get pic
  12. pippoodle

    Bf Delta Tail

    here's one of my own fry - i think he's a bf delta tail though crappy pics - sorry hubby got good cam He's now in breeding trap - going in tub tomorrow - he got attatcked by the other male in the spawning tank - he hatched 20/07/09
  13. pippoodle

    My New Male Tank 8 Males 3ft Tank

    here's my new male tank - not set up yet Its a 3ft tank that has been divided by glass down the middle - it was a shop tank It is going to be filtered by 2 fluval 1+ or U1 filters with tubing attatched to make it into a spray bar into all 4 sections on the glass divided sides Either that or by...
  14. pippoodle

    New Pics -spawn - Hatched 29/08/09

    Ebony - Black RT male dragon - his Father was a Red/Black Dragon Plakat and his Mother was a Platinum Dragon Belle - CTx FT - mother was an excellent quad ray solid red CT and father a steel and red feathertail Here's a pic of one of the fry - 1 week old
  15. pippoodle

    Rip Sorbet

    just found him dead in his cave - looked really peaceful - he's been suffering with septicemia and was improving but it must have just took too much out of him :-( RIP my beautiful boy When i first got him 20/07 27/07
  16. pippoodle

    Apple Snails -10=£4 , 100 =£25 Posted

    Livestock: Apple snails - 3 weeks old Quantity for sale:groups of 10 ONLY Reason for Sale: new ones hatched so need to move other on Delivery or Collection: both Sales price: £4 including postage Postage & Packaging: included in price Location: Exeter , Devon Photograph and extra info 10...
  17. pippoodle

    Jersey Tiger Moth - Euplagia Quadripunctaria

    Photographed by my hubby on our back door in Exeter
  18. pippoodle

    My Other New Bettas White , Bf Etc

    New girls from nettys website ~PICs from website New girl and boy from private sale arrived this morning- thinking of spawning the male with one of nettys and the female with my mouse --- WILL get better pics later Lacy and mack just named the male Aladar male is a bit battered...
  19. pippoodle

    Midas Gold Dt -my New Betta On Way

    From ebay for my hubby to replace his DT betta Casper that died a few months ago <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Hubby loved him and heres Midas settled in now Midas...
  20. pippoodle

    Female Bettas - Exeter - Devon 6 Months Old

    Quantity for sale:2 lots of 5 Reason for Sale:thinking out to make room for my own females - from my own fry Delivery or Collection:you can collect from Exeter or arrange to meet me/hubby somewhere or hubby can deliver upto 35 miles from exeter at no charge Sales price:£10 Postage &...