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  1. J

    Annoying fish help

    The orange one is forever annoying the other one the last couple of weeks, following her constantly and nipping at her, any ideas won't leave her alone?
  2. J


    Are all of these female?
  3. J

    How long left?

    Hi does anyone have an estimate of how long they think till labour, worried o am not going to save any?
  4. J

    Platy behaviour

    My platy keeps going for a wee nip at all the females whenever they get close when she's swimming about? Never seen it before
  5. J

    is fish pregnant?

    I know I have posted this before but I can't tell if shes getting bigger when I am looking at her everyday, is she pregnant?
  6. J

    What type of fish is this can't remember?

    Trying to remember what type of fish this is?
  7. J

    Fat or pregnant fish?

    Hi I have no idea how to tell if my fish are female or male but is this fish just getting fat or pregnant?