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  1. pippoodle

    Went To Lfs For Some Plants

    be careful that if you do breed them - make she is a CT aswell or a HM - they you will get CT babies from ctxct or you might get half sun or comb tails from CTxHM other matches could end with runty tailed bettas that you wont be able to shift
  2. pippoodle

    Newly Hatched Cory Fry Pics - And Vid

    thanks hun :) had lots of cory fry before but never bothered to take pics of the newly hatched ones so thought i would this time :)
  3. pippoodle

    L411 Plecs

    pics of my young ones INFO -
  4. pippoodle

    Newly Hatched Cory Fry Pics - And Vid

    Newly hatched cory fry - bronze and albino - hatched in a 2 litre tub with airstone then transferred over to 30 litre tank (betta spawning tank - not being used at the mo)
  5. pippoodle

    New - Ashino - Blue Rt Hm Betta

    thanks hun :) he does look amazing for a blue betta :) i love his finnage
  6. pippoodle

    Apple Snails -10=£4 , 100 =£25 Posted

    yes they can live in coldwater tanks 18-28 degrees perfect temps for them - can go lower but will become sluggish - have some in garden pond
  7. pippoodle

    L411 Plecs

    bump - these are lovely plecs - good price - if i had space i would get some more of them to add to my group
  8. pippoodle

    Male And Female Betta Wild Question

    you couldnt keep a male and female betta together in any size aquarium
  9. pippoodle

    Thinking Of Either 2-gallons Or A 5-gallon With A Partition

    3 uk gallons is minimum for bettas so if you want 1 3 uk gallon for 2 6 uk gallons NO SMALLER
  10. pippoodle

    Male And Female Betta Wild Question

    some wilds are ok in smaller tanks - which wilds were you interested in ?
  11. pippoodle

    Can I Have Some Clear Pics Of Your Bettas For A Website

    here's a couple of my boys to pick from hun - can post pics of the others if you like HMRT - Ashino Beefa - VT Ebony - Dragon HMRTPK Muraco - HM bubba - HMRT Prince Eric - Quadray CT Eliott - Dragon HMRT Mouse - Super delta Casper HMDTPK - rip :(
  12. pippoodle

    Male And Female Betta Wild Question

    depends on the wild fish - what type were you thinking of
  13. pippoodle

    What Filter Would Be Best Jewel Internal Or Fluval 4 +

    had my 4+ for 2 years same one running - no probs apart from getting stuck when a bit of sand gets in the bottom also running 1+ 2+ and 3+ never had any probs with any of them The juwel worked well aswell though - i did replace some of the sponge with noodles though
  14. pippoodle

    How Do I Breed Bettas And Can I Breed Bettas

    BEFORE you think about breeding i would make sure you have somewhere - a lfs - that will take any left over fry - that you cant sell THERE IS NO MONEY in home breeding of bettas - i do it cos i love it :) - the money just goes straight back into food , equiptment etc what you need to get...
  15. pippoodle

    New - Ashino - Blue Rt Hm Betta

    i dont know wether he would got 15 tanks and 25 tubs so he might not notice
  16. pippoodle

    Spade Tail?

    if you're thinking of spawning any bettas be sure to have the same tail types - unless you're producing a comb or half sun
  17. pippoodle

    Another Spade Tail - Vegas

    all my fry are in spawning tanks til 4 weeks then moved to grow out tanks - at least 60 litres then from 8 weeks males get seperated into the tubs - until their due to be sold girls stay in the grow out or if they are quite large go into the 300 litre sorority until i sell them
  18. pippoodle

    How Do I Breed Bettas And Can I Breed Bettas

    the male and female also need conditioning for 2 weeks before you even think of breeding them you dont need to have live food for the fry - i never feed my fry live food - just high protein dry food
  19. pippoodle

    Various Free Fish

    can you post some pics ?
  20. pippoodle

    New - Amigo - Red/black Butterfly Hm

    they are excellent fish from kelly :) Still trying to get pics - he's very shy lol will be having some blood worms soon so might get a good pic then