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  1. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    I'm really struggling here.

    I just don't get it. Time and time and time again, I read posts from people who say how much they love their fish, how much they really do want to do the best for their fish... ...and then subject them to all manner of abuse. "Ooooh, but we all make mistakes." "Oh, but I was as bad when I was...
  2. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    Dwarf Gourami...1 or 3?

    I know the current thoughts on Dwarf Gourami in smaller tanks are for them to be in triads...ménàge a trois, a male and (at least) two females! My reserved females were sold and I've now just got a single male. He's not shy, by any means and currently seems well-adjusted to his new surroundings...
  3. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    Bristlenose growing up colours?

    So I bought my Bristlenose plec when it was but a l'il 'un. This was taken on the 25th July. This pic was taken on the 21st September. Nose to tail-tip, length is just under 4cm. So I notice the white spots appear to be fading. I assume that these will disappear altogether? At what...
  4. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    'Clean Up Crew' for a SE Asia-themed Tank?

    To begin, I only use the phrase 'Clean-up Crew' to identify the sort of fish I'm talking about, to the vast majority of the fishkeeping public. Personally, I'm against sticking tool-names onto fish, because this appears to have some people looking at fish as simply tools to solve a problem they...
  5. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    Female 'Dwarf' Gourami ID?

    I have a brace of female Dwarf Gourami put aside for me. Both are allegedly Trichogaster lalius. Once is the typical Dwarf Gourami female, a shiny-ish silver, with the suggestion of stripes. I say allegedly, because the second, which is slightly smaller, is a shinier silver, with no striping...
  6. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    How do we know when our fish are happy/content/thriving?

    For starters, I'll personally discount 'happy' and 'content', as these are human emotions and we're talking fish, but I know some will use that language, as that is how they understand the creatures they care for. I'll also accept that all of us in here actually do want they best for our fish...
  7. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    Questions about an Ammonia Remover

    Those of you following my Journal will know that I recently had an...erm...'experience' with an Ammonia Remover being added to my cycling tank. To summarise, some was added in error. I knew I needed ammonia present, to feed my beneficial bacteria and was not happy with the Remover being in my...
  8. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    Preferred way to contact Admin/Mods?

    As per the Admin/Mods Team; What is your preferred way of being contacted? Thanks in advance.
  9. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    Nitrate-Removal sponges

    When I re-established my Juwel tank, I stocked up on filter media and have only just noticed that one of my sponges is for Nitrate Removal. Currently, my nitrates are very low and so I don't have an issue with these. I've also got plenty of plants, included floating Salvinia auriculata, so I...
  10. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    Shrimp & Fish

    I'm wanting to hear from those of you who 'successfully' keep shrimp and fish in the same tank. What do you have in the tank and what is your tank set-up? Thinternet is full of mixed messages on this particular subject, so I thought I'd query the membership of this Forum, in a vain attempt for...
  11. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    "Experience" clearly DOES NOT equate to knowledge!

    I'm tired of hearing fishkeepers tell me how 'experienced' they are in keeping fish, when they then tell us how many fish have died in their so-called care, almost as if the deaths of living creatures was inevitable, or at least an inconvenience, if not an irritation. People who have decades of...
  12. Bruce Leyland-Jones


    Back in the day, my local chemist kept me supplied with syringes. These were useful for measuring, precisely and consistently, small volumes of water, for testing and dosing. Sadly, my Chemist retired and so I'm now using Thinternet. I'm content. Syringes.
  13. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    Questions to assess the knowledge of the Shopkeeper?

    Time and time again we hear of inaccurate, misleading and sometimes downright cruel advice being given by those who work in fish shops. This misinformation is usually given to people relatively new to the hobby, who then appear in here, trying desperately to resolve an emergency that should...
  14. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    The Wonders of the Water Change.

    Is there anything in our hobby that cannot be helped by a water change? As far as I can see, every single issue addressed in the hallowed portals involves a water change. It's cheap, it's easy to do and it always seems to be effective.
  15. Bruce Leyland-Jones


    Whilst this isn't about an Emergency, I thought that this may be the best place for the thread. Mods please feel free to move it elsewhere if you see fit. Gone are the days, thankfully, when every perceived ailment was immediately treated with a chemical medication of some sort, usually...
  16. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    Fly eggs as fish food..?

    So what's the current thinking on this? I used to be able to visit local fish shops and buy bags of live daphnia, bloodworm and even clean tubifex. No more, it seems. :( We also used to use fly eggs, (harvested from old dog food during the summer months especially) and maggots, chopped, of...
  17. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    Hardiest (NOT expendable) Fish for a Fish-in Cycling?...and foods...and art!

    I'm contemplating something new, as I believe I do know what I'm doing (-ish) and have yet to try cycling a tank with fish resident. It's a standard rectangle of a tank, holding just under 25 gallons after all fixtures and fittings are in place. The tank will be 'well-planted' from the outset...
  18. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    Confusion as to when 'cycling' is complete.

    I've known about the Nitrogen Cycle and cycling tanks for a while and have always viewed it as creating a population of beneficial bacteria, that will then be able to help manage fish waste. I've known it to be a time-consuming process, when starting from scratch and that measuring the levels of...
  19. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    The challenge of finding space for more tanks...

    Some of us don't have a lot of space and, given the necessary geography of our living spaces, spare space for a fish tank is often limited. I know there are these tiny 'nano' tanks, that'll sit on a desk, or next to a table lamp, or whatever, but these are too small for my needs. (One day, I'm...
  20. Bruce Leyland-Jones

    Female Gourami now readily available...

    Seems that my local Pets at Home has decided to start stocking female gourami once again. Available in Dwarf, Golden and Red Honey flavours. Apparently, local fishkeepers have been asking for them.