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  1. Utar

    Where Your Pet Fish Live in the Wild—DIVE INTO THE AMAZON RAINFOREST!

    Very interesting video on youtube. The video has taught me things about ph that I did not know.
  2. Utar

    Being a successful fish keeper can bring its own set of problems

    I guess one can say I have been successful because I have three generations of bristle nose plecostomus with a guess of around fifty plus baby plecos that I don't know what to do with. Also my amazon sword plants have runners with about a dozen small baby plants. I have as of yet found a pet...
  3. Utar

    battery operated aquarium air pump

    I am looking to buy one of these, does anyone have suggestions on a good one. I want to use it for carrying baby plecos in a bucket to local fish stores. Thanks....:)
  4. Utar

    No algae problem in pleco only tank.

    I have three tanks setup and running. Bad algae problems in 20 gallon long with Betta Max. Slight algae problems in heavily planted 55 gallon with Angelfish, Corys, a hillstream loach, a few baby BN Plecos left in tank. No algae, clean as a whistle in 29 gallon BN Pleco only tank with two...
  5. Utar

    The Strange World Of Glofish And Other Aquarium Man Made Fish

    Very interesting short video, I learned things that I had no idea about. Like did you know that its against the law to breed glofish and sell them. Glofish is a company in Singapore which genetically created these fish for use to check the toxicity of rivers and lakes. Glofish the company has...
  6. Utar

    Giant Triton Sea Snail

    I had never heard of this species of snail until now. Wow these snails can grow up to 2 feet, now that's a big snail. Giant Triton Sea Snail is very beneficial to reef development because they eat the Crown-of-thorn starfish which eats coral. The article states that the pest Crown-of-thorn...
  7. Utar

    General Chat

    I was never in the military so I never met one. But chatting with a General would be interesting. :rofl:
  8. Utar

    Hose clamps with wing nuts for canister filters

    Yesterday while attempting to take the hoses off my canister filter for cleaning, I had a problem. The long plastic rings that screw down holding the hoses, would not come off. Like the ones in this picture. I had to Dremel them off. cutting them in half. I went to a local O'Reilly's Auto Parts...
  9. Utar

    Please advise, I need help catching all the Plecos.

    I have a 55-gallon community aquarium with a breeding pair of Plecos that I was not counting on. But now that I have this pair I want to catch them and all the babies. Not sure how many there are. I have a 29-gallon setup where I have already caught about six, and this is where they will all go...
  10. Utar

    SICCE Whale 200 canister

    SICCE makes four different sizes of canister filters in their Whale lineup the 150, 200, 350, 500. These canister filters are made in Italy which is a plus for those who are tired of Chinese-made filters, having said this it is more expensive. The small Whale 200 cost as much as the much bigger...
  11. Utar

    Debunking high ammonia can kill beneficial bacteria. (Fishless cycle)

    Some of you guys may remember that I make my own aqua soil and that in a new set up the soil becomes an ammonia factory with readings up to 8+. 8 is the highest color on the API Master Freshwater Test Kit, so who knows how high it actually is. Twice now in doing new tank setups with this...
  12. Utar

    Is Tetra Aquasafe really safe to use?

    I am making changes in the way I do water changes. For years I would use water straight from the tab. (Note: I have very good tap water, 7.6 ph, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 0 nitrates, GH & KH same at 7 or 125.3 depending on how it is read on the chart tested with API Master Freshwater Test Kit...
  13. Utar

    When starting a fishless cycle on a newly set up aquarium and adding liquid ammonia how much does it take?

    Only a drop of liquid ammonia in a 29-gallon tank full of water will produce a reading of 2 to 4ppm. I use a meat injector syringe to draw the ammonia out of the bottle. Then after using the syringe I clean it with tap water to remove the ammonia residue. I have been using one bottle of...
  14. Utar

    Wow, I have a bunch of new baby Bristle nose plecos.

    Today I counted five new baby Bristle Nose Plecos in my 55-gallon community tank. Then they all disappeared. I discovered them while doing a water change. I wished I could have gotten a picture of them, but by the time I came back to do so they were all gone. My tank is heavily planted and I...
  15. Utar

    Do you think that no matter how we try, we still lose fish?

    I have experience in the hobby that helps me to keep fish alive and hopefully thriving. But over time I still lose fish, not many.
  16. Utar

    Seven new baby kittens.

    I was away recently for two weeks and returned home to find seven new kittens. Bonnie cat was big when I left, so I knew she was due so this was no surprise. The kittens are now starting to open their eyes so it will be a couple of months before they are ready to find their forever homes...
  17. Utar

    Does anyone else find TFF addictive?

    Or is it just me.
  18. Utar

    Balancing feeding times when unable to do water changes?

    In Texas, we have been dealing with a week-long freeze. Many of us are without electricity and water. I have electricity but no water to do water changes. I changed the water in my tanks on Sunday, the freeze hit on Monday. Today is Saturday and I am not feeling the pressure as of yet for my...
  19. Utar

    What is the personality of your Betta Splendens?

    I have my first Betta Max, since he is my only experience with these fish, I was wondering about Betta's personality from those of us that have kept Bettas and are familiar with them. I have only had Max for going on a month now, and he is living in a 29-gallon tank with only one snail for...
  20. Utar

    Dance Party

    Join the fun.